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Central Air Conditioners

North Central Indiana Central AC Installation

The invention of the window air conditioning unit in the 1950s is what first allowed electro-mechanical air conditioning to become widely available to the general public. Window units are still around today, but they are useful primarily for small apartments. They don’t offer much benefit to a multi-room home. Not only are they inconvenient, they are energy inefficient and cannot provide the cooling a family requires for summer comfort compared to the modern central air conditioning system.

If you’re looking to have central air conditioning installed in your home, call Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning and speak with our air conditioning experts. Along with new central AC installations, our team provides excellent service to replace older central air units, repair malfunctioning ones, and handle regular annual maintenance. Our company’s philosophy is to ensure that the customer is satisfied with every job! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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We Install the Central Air Units You Need

A whole–house central air conditioner runs as a split system, using both indoor and outdoor cabinets. The indoor unit sends cooled air into a network of ducts that carry the air to vents all around the house, and the outdoor unit exhaust the heat carried from the inside unit. The outdoor cabinet also contains the viral compressor, the component that adds energy to the refrigerant to make it circulate through the system.

This is obviously a complex system, and to install one you must rely on professionals only. Our HVAC technicians have the knowledge, experience, and tools to make certain that you receive the right central AC for your household needs.

Some Signs You Need Central Air Conditioning Repairs

Professional installation will give a central air conditioner the best start, and provided it receives routine maintenance (see below), the AC should have years of trouble–free cooling. But there’s no way to ensure that an air conditioner will always work without malfunctions. Call for our professionals in North Eastern Indiana, should you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • Uneven cooling: When hot spots start to emerge in rooms around the house, it often means the AC is losing its cooling ability or something is wrong with the blower fan.
  • Strange noises: Never ignore odd rattling, hissing, and grinding sounds coming from your air conditioner. It could mean anything from leaking refrigerant to motors about to burn out.
  • Ice along the evaporator coil: No part of an air conditioning system should ever have ice appearing on it. If ice forms along the evaporator (indoor) coil, it means something is wrong, and it may even be affecting the compressor.

We Also Offer Regular Maintenance for Central AC Systems

Regular maintenance involves a spring visit from an air conditioning technician who will inspect the system and provide any necessary cleaning and adjustments to make certain that the central AC will work in the best condition throughout the summer. Our HVAC experts will see that your central air conditioner has the longest service life possible and works at energy efficient levels. Our three–tier Home Savers Club lets you select the annual maintenance program that works best for you.

You can always look to the experienced heating and cooling specialists at Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning for your central air conditioning needs in Warsaw, IN. We offer 24–hour service and an exclusive replacement guarantee.

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