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North Central Indiana Zone Control Systems

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Central heating and cooling is one of the great advantages of modern home living. But these systems do have a few drawbacks, and of them is the “all or nothing” way that most distribute heated and cooled air. Whenever the blower for a furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner turns on, it sends air to all the vents throughout the building, even ones where there’s no need for comfort control. This is both inconvenient and wasteful of energy. Shutting the louvers in the room vents won’t help either, and it can end up damaging the HVAC system by increasing pressure in the ducts.

A zone control system can change all this. When installed as part of an HVAC system, zone control permits the homeowner as well as other household members to manipulate what rooms receive cooling and heating. There are many advantages to this type of system, and our technicians at Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning are glad to answer any questions you may have regarding them. To arrange for zone control service in North Central Indiana and the surrounding areas, just call us!


How Zone Heating and Cooling Works

The basics behind zone control are a series of dampers installed throughout the ductwork and whose operation is connected to the heater and air conditioner. These dampers are able to shut off areas of the ducts leading to vents, but without causing an increase in pressure throughout the rest of the ventilation system. Local thermostats control each of the dampers and also the changes necessary from the AC and heater as different dampers shut off air flow to particular zones. The whole network can be controlled from a central thermostat. A homeowner determines how to divide the home into zones: there can be as few as two (e.g. upstairs and downstairs) or as many as there are vents.

The Advantages of Zone Control Installation

There are some obvious and some less obvious benefits to installing a zone–controlled HVAC system in a home:

  • Energy conservation: The main reason people have zoning put in their homes is to cut down on energy use. This is most beneficial for large homes where certain rooms are often unoccupied, such as guest rooms.
  • Individualized comfort: Zone control helps reduce squabbles between household members over how to set the temperature. Each zone has its own controls through local thermostats, so people can adjust the climate to suit their personal preferences.
  • Conditions to match room use: The same way that people have different comfort requirements, so do rooms. A kitchen doesn’t need the same temperature as a study or an infant’s bedroom. You can adjust the temperature to match each room thanks to zone controls.

We Offer Zone Air Conditioning and Heating for Warsaw, IN

The best way to have zone controls for a house is to make them part of the installation of a new HVAC system. It’s easy for professionals to equip a new system with the necessary controls to make it a success. However, you may also choose a retro–fit to an existing HVAC system. Ask our professionals about how they can give you the zone control system that will help your house.

Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning is also available whenever you need repair work for your zone control system, as well as replacements for dampers and thermostats. We’re your best resource for comfort throughout the Warsaw, IN area.

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