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Duct Sealing in Warsaw, IN

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Ductwork design is one of our specialties! Every home and every need is different. But whether we installed your ductwork or another company did, there may come a time when professional duct sealing is in order. For that, you can contact our technicians here at Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Duct sealing cannot be accomplished with store-bought duct tape. You will need the professional services of a highly trained and qualified HVAC contractor, which is where we come in. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

For professional duct sealing services, contact the team with 37 years in business–contact Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning!


How to Tell You Need Air Duct Sealing

You would have a lot of trouble peering into the vents and actually seeing any holes or cracks, of course. Your ducts are designed to be out of view of your living space, and this means that you may need professionals to find out whether you have an unacceptable amount of air leakage. Our experts are happy to help. If you’re having trouble with your heating or cooling system at your home in Warsaw, IN, just give us a call and we can show up to do a thorough inspection. But there are some ways to tell that the ducts might be responsible for your comfort troubles.

  • Lack of airflow: You hold your hands up to the vents, and it seems as if there’s very little airflow coming out.
  • Inaccurate temperatures: The number on the thermostat seems nothing like the temperature in the room.
  • Uneven heating and cooling: Some rooms of the house seem warmer than others.
  • Drafts: Parts of the home might be prone to drafts, or you may notice hot or cold spots in a room.

Sealing Ductwork in Warsaw, IN

Sealing the ductwork in your home is important for your wallet, your comfort, and for your air conditioner and heater. A system can wear out quickly when it’s working harder than it has to in order to keep you comfortable. It might need repairs more often than the typical system is supposed to, and you might face system breakdowns when extreme temperatures test the performance of the system. You’ll notice a difference in your monthly bills if your ducts are particularly leaky, and you’ll hear fewer complaints about the temperature from your family members.

When you call the professionals at Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll get a thorough assessment of your ducts. We’ll find all of the holes and cracks in your ducts, not just the noticeably large ones, and you’ll have one of the most efficient duct systems in the Warsaw, IN area.

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