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Air Filtration System Services in Warsaw, IN

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If you’re like many Warsaw area homeowners, you may think that your HVAC air filter is enough to keep your home’s air clean. This filter is actually meant to protect your HVAC system itself, however. For thorough air filtration, you’ll want to have a specially designed indoor air quality system installed by Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning.

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For proper air filtration system installation, maintenance, and repair, look to the experience and skill of our team of technicians. We have a long history of helping homes in the area enjoy the best their environment has to offer.

Did you know that some of the pollutants in your home are small enough to move right through basic air filters and your ductwork? This is why you should have our team install a whole-home air purifier for you, that is capable of removing a wide range of contaminants from your indoor air.

From cigarette smoke and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to basic allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander, a properly installed air purification system will make your home as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Keep your home healthy and comfortable with our air filtration and air purifier services and more. Contact us today! 37 Years in Business.


How Air Filtration Benefits a Home

An air filter works on the simplest principles, but ones that are effective. The filter consists of media that traps pollutants that try to pass through it, usually fiberglass strands that both attract and stop unwanted particles. Your AC and forced–air heater come with an air filter, but this isn’t designed to clean the air. Its job is to prevent debris coming through the return air ducts from damaging the interior of the HVAC system. To actually remove contaminants from the air that circulates through a house, you must have a special filter installed in the ventilation system that is dedicated to this job.

Finding the Right Air Filters

But how can you find the right kind of filters when there are so many available? This is where you will need to contact indoor air quality professionals, since you shouldn’t try to make a guess—even an educated one—regarding a home filtration system. Filters come in a variety of efficiencies (measured by MERV rating), and if you have a filter that is too strong for your HVAC system, it will end up restricting the airflow through your home. This will not only lower indoor comfort, but it will place extra strain on the heater and AC which will result in higher bills and a system that wears down rapidly. Let a team of experts, such as ours, take care of the important job of locating the ideal filters for your requirements.

We Have the Air Filtration Services You Need in Warsaw, IN

Proper air filtration requires more than having experts match your home with the best filters and then installing them. You’ll need future assistance to repair and replace the filters so that they continue to guard your home. Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help you out with whatever you need for a home with healthy indoor air. Along with all the services that we provide for air filters, we also install air purifiers that will work in conjunction with the filters for the fullest indoor air quality protection. Make us your choice throughout the Warsaw, IN areas for air filtration.

How Whole–House Air Purifiers Work

Although there’s no single standard way for air purifiers to work, the most common type of electronic air cleaner is one that uses ionization to target minute particles of contamination.

An air cleaner creates an electronic field within the ducts of the HVAC system. The field causes the pollutants to either lose or gain an electron, giving the particle a negative or positive charge. These ionized particles are then either drawn to each other, clumping together and falling out of the air, or they are pulled down to a pair of charged plates on the purifier. The plates can be easily removed and cleaned to keep them maintained. If an air cleaner is correctly installed, it should remove odor and gas molecules that often pass through standard filters.

UV Air Purifiers

Another common kind of air purifier is the UV (ultraviolet) air purifier. This type of purifier is designed to deal specifically with organic infiltrations into the HVAC system, such as the hazardous mold that can often build up along the indoor coil of an air conditioner.

The way that a UV air purifier works is through a set of lamps that send out ultraviolet radiation. These UV rays disrupt the cellular functions of organic contaminants (molds, bacteria, viruses, etc.), either killing them or rendering them inert and harmless. UV air purifiers operate without using any chemicals, which makes them safe for your air.

For the Best Air Purifier Services in Warsaw, IN, Call Us!

No matter what type of whole–house air purifier is best suited to your household—an electronic air cleaner, a UV air purifier, or other system—it’s vital that you have indoor air quality experts assist you with making the right choice. Afterward, the IAQ specialists will install the purifiers so they do the exact job they’re supposed to. You may require assistance with your air purifiers in the future, such as replacing units or getting repairs, and you must also contact experts to handle these jobs.

Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning is the company you should contact for air purification services throughout the Warsaw, IN area. Our technicians have the experience and the tools to see that you receive the finest quality work on every single job.

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