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Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant Heating Systems in Warsaw, IN

The most common way that homes receive heat is with a forced-air system, such as a furnace or a heat pump. These heaters raise the temperature of the air inside their cabinets, and then use a blower fan to gust this heated air through ductwork to the different parts of the house. But forced-air isn’t the only option available for winter comfort in a household. Radiant systems, such as boilers and in-floor heating, have a number of options that make them excellent alternatives to using forced-air.

To find out more about radiant heating systems—either for installation or other services—call up the professionals at Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning. We work with all types of heaters in Warsaw, IN and the surrounding areas, and we want to help you find the best cold-weather comfort option for your home.

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What Is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating is one of the ways that heat moves. It’s the warmth that you feel coming off an object that has its temperature raised, such as asphalt in the sun. In terms of residential heating, a radiant heating system is one where hot water is run through a terminal point inside a house, such as a radiator, baseboard heater, or in floor tubes. The water heats up the object, which then sends radiant heat energy into a room. (There are also some radiant heaters that use electricity to raise the temperature of objects.)

One of the most popular types of radiant heaters is the in–floor heating system. Water from a boiler moves through pipes that are set in a subfloor beneath the floor of rooms. This warms up the floor, sending an even spread of heat up into the living space. In–floor systems can be put into older homes, but are best done as part of new construction.

The Benefits of a Radiant Heater for a Home

Homeowners tend to love radiant heating systems, such as in–floor heating, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Energy efficiency: Water is a better thermal transference medium than air, so radiant heaters are more efficient at energy use. You can expect to save money every winter season thanks to a radiant heater.
  • Even heating distribution: Forced–air heaters blow air toward the top of the room, where it takes a while for it to spread through the rest of the space. But radiant heaters distribute their heat quickly and evenly.
  • Improves indoor air quality: The lack of ductwork in a radiant heater means that it doesn’t blow around dust and other debris lodged inside the ducts. This can make significant improvements to your home’s indoor air quality.
  • Exceptional comfort: The thermal energy coming from a radiant heating system simply feels "cozier," like being warmed directly by the sun.

Contact Us for Radiant Heating Services throughout the Warsaw, IN

At Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re proud of the wide variety of types of heating systems we service, which include radiant heaters. You can schedule new installation, replacement, repairs, or maintenance for a radiant heating system with us, and expect to receive the finest quality work on each and every job. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we won’t be happy until you’re happy with the work we’ve done.

Call us today to learn more about the possibilities for radiant heating in your home, or to schedule any service your current system might require. We’re here 24/7 for you in Warsaw, IN and the surrounding areas.

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