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Air Filtration Systems

Air Filtration Systems and Service in Warsaw, IN

One of the basic methods of providing indoor air quality services to a home is the mechanical air filter. This is usually the first installation that air quality experts use for a home, and sometimes it is all that’s necessary to see that a household enjoys healthy and clean air. Even if an air filter can’t fully solve the problem and purifiers and other devices must be installed, the filter is still one of the best starting points when it comes to indoor air quality.

For proper air filtration system installation (as well as other services) in North Central Indiana, look to the experience and skill of the team at Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning. We have a long history of helping homes in the area enjoy the best in comfort and health. Call us today and we’ll look at your various options for improving your indoor air quality and see that you receive the right solution.

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How Air Filtration Benefits a Home

An air filter works on the simplest principles, but ones that are effective. The filter consists of media that traps pollutants that try to pass through it, usually fiberglass strands that both attract and stop unwanted particles. Your AC and forced–air heater come with an air filter, but this isn’t designed to clean the air. Its job is to prevent debris coming through the return air ducts from damaging the interior of the HVAC system. To actually remove contaminants from the air that circulated through a house, you must have a special filter installed in the ventilation system that is dedicated to this job.

Finding the Right Air Filters

But how can you find the right kind of filters when there are so many available? This is where you will need to contact indoor air quality professionals, since you shouldn’t try to make a guess—even an educated one—regarding a home filtration system. Filters come in a variety of efficiencies (measured by MERV rating), and if you have a filter that is too strong for your HVAC system, it will end up restricting the air flow through your home. This will not only lower indoor comfort, but it will place extra strain on the heater and AC that will result in higher bills and a system that wears down rapidly. Let a team of experts, such as ours, take care of the important job of locating the ideal filters for your requirements.

We Have the Air Filtration Services You Need in Warsaw, IN

Proper air filtration requires more than having experts match your home with the best filters and then installing them. You’ll need future assistance to repair and replace the filters so that they continue to guard your home. Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help you out with whatever you need for a home with healthy indoor air. Along with all the services that we provide for air filters, we also install air purifiers that will work in conjunction with the filters for the fullest indoor air quality protection. Make us your choice in throughout the Warsaw, IN areas for air filtration.

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