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Air Purifiers

Air Purifier Systems and Service in Warsaw, IN

The starting point for improving indoor air quality for a home that suffers from numerous air contaminants is a set of filters for the ventilation system. This may not be sufficient, however, when some of the pollutants are small enough to move right through the mesh of the filters. In such cases, you should have an air purifier installed as well. Indoor air quality professionals will help you find the right type of air purifier for the job and then set it up so that it works in connection with the filter to thoroughly cleanse your air.

If you live in Warsaw, IN or the surrounding areas, the company to call for whole-house air purifier services is Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer a variety of indoor air quality solutions, and our team will see that you receive the finest possible installations and other services so you can enjoy a healthier and more comfortable home.

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How Whole–House Air Purifiers Work

Although there’s no single standard way for air purifiers to work, the most common type of electronic air cleaner is one that uses ionization to target minute particles of contamination.

An air cleaner creates an electronic field within the ducts of the HVAC system. The field causes the pollutants to either lose or gain an electron, giving the particle a negative or positive charge. These ionized particles are then either drawn to each other, clumping together and falling out of the air, or they are pulled down to a pair of charged plates on the purifier. The plates can be easily removed and cleaned to keep them maintained. If an air cleaner is correctly installed, it should remove odor and gas molecules that often pass through standard filters.

UV Air Purifiers

Another common kind of air purifier is the UV (ultraviolet) air purifier. This type of purifier is designed to deal specifically with organic infiltrations into the HVAC system, such as the hazardous mold that can often build up along the indoor coil of an air conditioner.

The way that a UV air purifier works is through a set of lamps that send out ultraviolet radiation. These UV rays disrupt the cellular functions of organic contaminants (molds, bacteria, viruses, etc.), either killing them or rendering them inert and harmless. UV air purifiers operate without using any chemicals, which makes them safe for your air.

For the Best Air Purifier Services in Warsaw, IN, Call Us!

No matter what type of whole–house air purifier is best suited to your household—an electronic air cleaner, a UV air purifier, or other system—it’s vital that you have indoor air quality experts assist you with making the right choice. Afterwards, the IAQ specialists will install the purifiers so they do the exact job they’re supposed to. You may require assistance with your air purifiers in the future, such as replacing units or seeing to repairs, and you must also contact experts to handle these jobs.

Collier's Heating & Air Conditioning is the company you should contact for air purification services throughout the Warsaw, IN area. Our technicians have the experience and the tools to see that you receive the finest quality work on every single job.

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