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March Planning for Your HVAC System

heating-and-cool-homesMarch. It’s a weird month. The year can’t decide if it’s winter or spring. There are so many old proverbs about the weather in March that it’s easy to become confused about what exactly the weather is supposed to be. Is it “in like a lion, out like a lamb,” or the other way around?

The truth is that March Mayhem is the most accurate description. The swings in temperature through these 30 days can make life difficult if your home isn’t equipped with an excellent heating system and an air conditioner that’s prepared to handle abrupt heat. But we’re here to make it all easier! Call our offices in Warsaw, IN for heating and air conditioning service. No matter the trouble, no matter the preparation work you need done, you can trust to our excellent team of HVAC technicians to do the job right the first time.

The Planning We Recommend in March

There’s a few tasks to look into during the month that are helpful for staying comfortable while prepping for the middle of the year. There are three steps in particular we’d like to look at:

ONE: Call for heating repair if there are any worrying signs

We can’t stress this enough: you should never allow a heater that’s showing indications it has a malfunction to continue to run. It doesn’t matter that it’s March and the winter is almost over. Leaving a heater with a possible malfunction opens you up to all sorts of trouble. You may have a heating system that won’t come on at all when you need it in fall. It might fail on you during the last cold snap of March. The problem will almost certainly get worse, leading to a more expensive repair down the line. And if the heater is gas-powered, a malfunction can turn hazardous.

If you have suspicions about how well your heater is working, contact us for heating system repair. We have technicians ready 24/7, and they work on all types of heaters, from furnaces and boilers to heat pumps.

TWO: Arrange for your annual air conditioning maintenance

There is no better time during the year for AC maintenance than March. You’ll have your system tuned-up and ready to face the first hot days of spring, and the extra time allows technicians to take care of any necessary repair problems that turn up.

We offer our HomeSavers Club to make regular air conditioning and heating maintenance easy. For one low annual price, you’ll receive a high quality tune-up and inspection for the air conditioner in spring and the heating system in fall.

THREE: Consider installing a new air conditioning system

How old is your current AC? If it’s more than 15 years old, we strongly advise that you have it replaced. If it’s younger, but has started to cost more to operate and has incurred more repair bills than before, we also advise having our technicians look into it. They can give you advice about whether you should have it replaced or not. If you need a replacement, our team will see that you receive the right system and a great new installation job.

Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning: A company you’ve grown to trust! Now in our 30th year serving the Fort Wayne area.

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