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Boiler Kettling: What It Means for You

Monday, October 28th, 2019

We all love those Saturday mornings when we wake up smelling the savory smell of bacon, or the frying of buttermilk pancakes, while the tea kettle begins to rumble with anticipation. Except what if that rumbling wasn’t actually coming from your kettle? That’s a great way to turn a wonderful morning into a moment of panic!

Kettling is not something to joke about. In fact, a boiler kettling can be a clear signal that there is a buildup of pressure in the heat exchanger. We’ll get into more of the specifics later, but we’d like to start with imploring you to hire a professional technician for boiler service in Wabash, IN if you’re noticing a whistling noise to come from your boiler. Many homeowners operate under the assumption that a boiler should be making a whistling noise, or that this kind of noise is just natural. That’s entirely not the case.

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How Serious Is Your Boiler Breakdown?

Monday, March 4th, 2019


A boiler is a great way to enjoy indoor comfort on even the coldest days. But when a boiler stops working—well, it’s just as miserable as when any other home heater stops working. Your first instinct may be to call for heating repair in Syracuse, IN from our HVAC professionals. That’s a great instinct to have because it’s much better and safer than trying to fix the boiler yourself or allowing an amateur to take a run at it.

However, it’s always a good idea to make a few checks on the system that don’t involve using tools or anything extreme. A boiler may have stopped working for a simple reason you can remedy. Before you call for a technician, here are a few things to consider to see if you have a serious boiler breakdown.

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A Closer Look at Potential Boiler Problems

Monday, October 30th, 2017

boiler-residentialThe majority of homes in the U.S. have a furnace to provide warmth to their families during the winter. However, boiler systems remain common, and many homeowners prefer them because they offer even heating, long service lives, and increased energy efficiency.

If you have a boiler to help your home make it through the coming winter, make sure that you have it maintained during the fall so it will give you few, if any, troubles during cold weather. Our HomeSavers Club will see that you receive top quality service for your boiler each year. (And we’ll take care of your air conditioning in spring as well.)

No amount of maintenance will prevent all boiler issues, however. We’re going to look at what might go wrong with a boiler to help you better understand when you need to call on technicians for repairs.

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