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We Know It’s Warm—But It’s Time to Prepare for the Cold


Why, oh why would we choose this time, when the weather is often a wonderful 72°F, to talk about heating your home?

Sorry, we don’t mean to intrude, but September and October are the months of the year to start preparing for winter weather. One of the critical prep jobs you can have done easily during these final warm days a maintenance inspection and tune-up for your heater. You can schedule this vital heating maintenance in Syracuse, IN with our team: just sign up for our HomeSavers Club. You’ll have the heating help you need—as well as the cooling help when spring comes.

“Do I Really Need to Do This?”

We hear homeowners ask this all the time. The simple answer: yes, you do. The longer answer requires we explain how annual inspections and tune-ups benefit you. Below are a few of the major advantages of sticking with yearly heating maintenance:

  • Safety: We put this first because safety always comes first—especially with our technicians! A heating system allowed to deteriorate year after year without cleaning, adjustment, and inspections may become hazardous. Heaters that burn natural gas, such as gas furnaces, are most at risk of becoming safety problems without maintenance. But electrical systems can pose trouble as well!
  • Prevention: What does maintenance prevent aside from safety worries? It prevents repair problems and complete system breakdowns. Around 80% of the repairs a heater may need over its service life can be stopped early thanks to maintenance—that means huge savings in time and convenience. Stopping a complete heater breakdown is probably the single most useful outcome of regular maintenance. After all, you don’t want to be caught on the coldest day of winter with a heater that abruptly won’t work! You can always call us for repairs, but wouldn’t you prefer to simply not have the heater break down in the first place?
  • Energy savings: A well-cared for heating system is an efficient heating system. Maintenance cleans components, adjusts loose parts, tightens electrical connections, and does a general tune-up to make the heater work at its best. Expect your system to run, on average, 10% more efficiently thanks to maintenance, and for it to remain operating near 100% of its original efficiency for most of its service life when you keep up with maintenance each year.
  • Longevity: While we’re on the topic of service life … A heating system probably won’t reach its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan unless it received proper professional care every fall. A furnace can last for 15 years with maintenance; without, that number drops to half.
  • Warranty protection: The manufacturer’s warranty for your heating system may be voided unless it has annual maintenance. This protects you from a system failure due to a factory fault (around 2% of HVAC systems leave the factory with faults). Maintenance ensures you stay protected in case of a breakdown.

These are just the benefits of maintenance itself. Our HomeSavers Club provided many additional benefits, such as discounts and other savings. Talk to one of our team members today to learn more about how the HomeSavers Club can benefit you.

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