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We Offer RV Propane Fill-Ups!


Collier’s is proud to offer many different heating and cooling services throughout Northern Indiana. We not only install, repair, and service furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and geothermal and solar energy systems, we also run the Fireplace Shoppe to take care of full fireplace needs.

But you may not know of another service we offer: propane fill-ups for RVs in Warsaw, IN! If you’re looking to have the propane tanks for your RV or trailed filled up, stop by our convenient location, right off Lake City Highway (Highway 30) at 2499 East Winona Ave.

Propane and RVing

Having an RV gives you an immense amount of freedom, and propane makes RVing much easier and enjoyable—although not everyone who owns an RV realizes the many uses of propane.

Propane is a form of liquid petroleum (often called LP) that has many combustion uses. Homes that don’t have a link to a natural gas line can use petroleum to power a fireplace or a furnace rather than paying extremely high electrical bills. If you have an RV and are planning long trips, you can use propane to power central heating, for cooking and grilling, and for heating water. Propane is also used for powering generators, which means it can be put to use in many other ways, such as powering outside lights, cooling systems, and refrigeration systems—basically, any electrical appliance.

(Just make sure you never use propane while driving! Keep any propane canisters secured on the outside of your vehicle or trailer when driving. We also recommend having propane detectors in your RV so you can detect propane leaks early.)


Why Use Propane?

Propane isn’t the only heating fuel on the market, but it’s definitely the one you want to use for RVing. Propane is less costly than gasoline and it gives off fewer emissions. Most RV camps offer an easy way to fill up your propane tanks or swap out empty tanks for new ones. And, of course, you have easy access to propane when you swing by Collier’s for a fast tank fill-up.

When you’re starting out your trip, let us see that you have the propane you’ll need!

We have all your heating needs covered! Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning: For over 30 years, a company you’ve grown to trust.

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