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Winter Isn’t Done Yet! Watch for Furnace Issues

Monday, February 19th, 2018

woman-shivering-in-winterPast mid-February isn’t the end of winter, even with March around the corner. March is a notoriously unpredictable month—so much so people can’t even keep straight whether the saying is “March enters like a lamb and leaves like a lion” or “March enters like a lion and leaves like a lamb.”

So even with some occasionally warmer days popping up in the future, you shouldn’t let slide the care of your home’s furnace. If you think you need furnace repair in Plymouth, IN or elsewhere in our service area, don’t hesitate to call. You never know how much longer you need to your furnace working.

Here’s some of the warnings to look for that will tell you to call for our help to repair your furnace.

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What to Do If Your Heating System Fails

Monday, February 5th, 2018

man-keping-warmEMERGENCY! It’s a cold winter day or night in Indiana, and you have your furnace running. Or maybe a heat pump or boiler. Then suddenly—nothing. The heater stops working and a chill settles over your home. You might feel panic creeping up your spine, and who could blame you? This is one of those winter nightmares homeowners hope never happens to them.

There’s no reason to panic. There’s reason to be concerned, but if you take the right steps, you and your family should make it through all right and have the heating restored in no time.

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