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5 Common AC Misconceptions

Are we done with all the hot days of the year? Well, maybe. But that doesn’t mean you can treat your air conditioner like it’s useless. Too many homeowners treat their air conditioners like a motorcycle in the garage when the winter weather hits—they just forget about them. This is not the recommended attitude and we’re going to spend today talking about why that is.

What do you know about your air conditioner? Some misconceptions will probably lead you to expensive AC repair in Plymouth, IN, while knowing the facts will perhaps give you the efficacy and efficiency you’re used to. If you’re looking to deal with fewer repairs and have your air conditioner for a longer time, then perhaps you could use our tips.

Misconception #1: You’re Supposed to Forget About Your AC

Many homeowners operate under the assumption that the less they have to think about their air conditioners, the better. While that would be nice, it’s ultimately how neglect goes unchecked. It’s okay to think about your air conditioner sometimes, especially if those times are spent scheduling AC maintenance. You can think about your AC less if you let a professional think about it more. Deal?

Misconception #2: The Air Filter Protects Your Air Quality

While yes, the air filter does help your indoor air quality, that’s not its central purpose. Your air filter is there to protect the innermost components of your air conditioner, like the evaporator coil, from being damaged by dust and debris. These components can become utterly useless in only a few years if they come in contact with contaminants from the air. If you need further improvement toward your indoor air quality, invest in an air filtration system that’s separate from your AC.

Misconception #3: The Bigger Your AC Is, the Better

This is a huge misconception, because a bigger AC will likely run you into an expensive replacement down the line. Air conditioners are sized precisely for the home they’re installed in. If your air conditioner is too large, it will cool your home too quickly and short cycle. This can be devastating for certain components, causing wear and tear and an eventual early breakdown.

Misconception #4: Heat Pumps Are Better Than Central AC Systems

What do you mean when you say better? Heat pumps certainly provide different functions than a central air conditioning system, but they’re not necessarily better. Heat pumps can be expensive and if you’ve already got a furnace or heater in your home, then half of their use is pointless. For many homeowners, a central air conditioner is the most affordable and most effective method of cooling their homes!

Misconception #5: Fresh Air Helps Circulate Cooled Air

Have you ever heard someone say that if you open a window, the hot air will escape as the cooled air gets produced by your air conditioner? We have, and it’s absolutely not true. Your air conditioner actually takes in the hot air and transforms it into cooled air with its own process, so there’s no need to waste more energy by opening a window.

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