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Get Your Commercial HVAC System Checked Before Summer


The first official day of summer is coming up soon, and the hot weather is beginning starting to settle in. If you have already arranged a maintenance check for your home’s air conditioning system with Collier’s, that’s fantastic. But if you also own and operate a business in Northern Indiana, have you made the same arrangements for its air conditioning system? If you haven’t, you can rely on our team at Collier’s to take care of this as well for you. We are proud to provide service for commercial HVAC in Syracuse, IN!

An Investment in Energy Efficiency

When HVAC systems don’t have regular checks and tune-ups, they will wear down faster and begin to drain more power than necessary. You don’t want to pay more to run the system that cools your commercial space than you should, and routine maintenance will see that your HVAC equipment maintains 95% of its original energy efficiency for most of its service life.

An Investment in Productivity

What’s the worst enemy of productivity in your company? A complete halt to operations due to a major system breakdown! A failed air conditioning system can have this type of catastrophic effect on your business. It means unhappy customers and clients, employees who can’t get work done, and possibly failed precision equipment and data loss. Professional HVAC maintenance is a defense against a productivity disaster like this that can severely cut into your bottom line. When cooling equipment is professionally maintained before summer, it has a lower chance of suffering from breakdowns as well as smaller repair problems.

An Investment in Longevity

How long do you want your commercial HVAC system to last? “As long as possible” is probably your answer. Although no amount of check-ups and maintenance can make a commercial AC last forever, regular pre-summer service provides the next best thing—equipment that will live up to and beyond its manufacturer’s lifespan estimate. You’ll receive the best return-on-investment thanks to keeping current with commercial HVAC checks.

An Investment in Peace of Mind

The big overall benefit of having commercial HVAC equipment checked before the full weight of summer hits is that it gives you the tranquility of knowing it’s in good shape. There’s a low risk of an interruption in operation, of higher bills, or emergency breakdowns. You’ll also keep the manufacturer’s warranty in force so you’ll be covered in case of a factory fault.

Trust to Collier’s for Your Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Our technicians work on all types and all sizes of commercial HVAC systems. This includes work with geothermal heat pumps and many types of refrigeration systems. We have more than three decades of history helping residential and commercial clients in Northern Indiana receive the best performance, longevity, and energy efficiency from their HVAC equipment. You can rely on us to put you at ease—we’ll take another worry off your plate so you can concentrate on running your business.

Schedule your commercial HVAC maintenance today with Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning. For over 30 years, a company you’ve grown to trust!

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