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Geothermal Woes to Have Professionally Addressed

Geothermal systems are robust if anything. Many of the components are drilled into the ground so they’re insulated and protected from weather events. However, due to shifting sediment, flooding, and even problems in your home, a geothermal system could run into trouble.

This blog post is going to focus on some common issues with geothermal units, and the sources of these problems. It’s not always as simple as that, but that’s where our team comes in. If you find yourself dealing with a geothermal issue that persists, our licensed professionals can easily diagnose it and provide geothermal repair in Columbia City, IN.

From small system refrigerant leaks to burst ground pipes from moving sediment, problems can come in all shapes and sizes. But you can always count on a solution when you work with the experts from our team. We never cut corners and we pride ourselves on providing work that stands the test of time!

A Dirty Air filter

This is a common problem with geothermal systems, and it’s one that you can potentially fix on your own!

Geothermal heat pumps treat the air of your home, meaning they need to rely on air filters to keep the airflow clean and fresh. When the air filter gets clogged, numerous problems can occur from inefficiency to poor temperature control.

Go ahead and change out the air filter in your system. Once this is done, you can turn on the unit again and see if the problem is fixed.

Refrigerant Leak

Geothermal systems still use refrigerant to move heat from one location to another. This means that any rupture in the refrigerant line is going to cause problems for your home. You might detect this issue as a hissing or bubbling sound, but it could also just be demonstrated with poor comfort and high energy bills.

Only a licensed professional can fix a refrigerant leak and recharge your system correctly for the future.

Poor Efficiency

If your energy bill is too high and you have a geothermal system, then something could definitely be wrong with the internal components of the system. This is a good reason to get an initial diagnosis from a licensed professional.

Not Enough Heat

Your geothermal system should still be able to warm your home even on the coldest days of the year. If it. doesn’t, or at least has trouble doing so, then something could be wrong. You might be dealing with a refrigerant leak or even a faulty thermostat. Schedule an appointment today to get this sorted.

Catastrophic Issues

Sometimes problems can be much more than just a faulty valve or inefficiency. Remember, geothermal systems use the ambient temperature that comes from underground, meaning ground pollution or problems with your home’s foundation can impact this system heavily.

If your old home is settling, meaning it’s starting to sink or the foundation is shifting, then you’ll need to get this addressed as soon as possible. Not only is your geothermal system at risk, but your plumbing pipes and other parts of your house could become faulty or broken too. We can help direct you to the right resource if you’re dealing with a serious settling or foundation problem.

Contact Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning to have your geothermal system fixed if you’re in trouble.

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