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Condo Comfort: 3 Big Tips

Oftentimes there’s a major distinction between people who are renting a living space and those who own it. While there might be some overlap in terms of an HVAC installation or service, there’s a big difference financially. But there’s one category that we haven’t mentioned yet, that’s definitely worth mentioning, and that’s condo owners.

Condos are great living spaces for people who want to own their own home, but don’t like all the tasks and maintenance issues that come with a house on its own property. They usually have the same internal mechanisms of a house, but with a layout that’s more like a townhome, or shared property for parking, gardening, and other uses. This is easy for many people, and we totally understand why condos have gotten so popular in the past few years.

But if you’re going to invest in HVAC, you might want to be aware of how much space your ducts are taking up. Our team can provide air duct repair in Warsaw, IN, but fixing old air ducts is just one tip from a list of a few that we’ll mention below.

Invest in Routine Maintenance and Repairs

Your air ducts and HVAC system represent a pretty substantial part of your home. How much of a sanctuary does a condo feel when it’s not comfortable, or too cold in the winter? These are such important aspects, that customers are willing to pay a lot of money each money in utilities just to feel cozy when the snow hits.

One way to limit the amount of problems or inefficiencies you might experience, is with routine maintenance and repairs. Check out the ducts in your crawlspace, your basement, and around your HVAC system itself for any problems. Leaks, rips, tears, gaps, and nesting critters could mean that you’re paying for treated air to escape into places it shouldn’t be.

Think About Upgrading

If your HVAC system is on its way out, then you might be in a tricky situation. Not only are new heating and cooling systems expensive to install, but there’s a lot to learn in such a small amount of time for a new customer.

For condo owners, things can be even trickier. You don’t have the same amount of space as a conventional homeowner, which means a system that takes up your entire basement or crawlspace could be using up valuable real estate that you pay good money for.

We urge our condo owners to look into ductless mini splits. These are heat pumps that don’t rely on air ducts at all and actually heat and cool a home using air handlers. They’re perfect for homes where space is limited and they run extremely efficiency without any areas to leak heated or cooled air.

Use a Thermostat Like a Pro

Don’t forget to use your thermostat like a pro! Try setting it for moderate temperatures during the winter and summer, even turning the temperature up or down by a couple degrees could make a big dent in your energy or fuel bill.

Think about investing in a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat. These units are perfect at measuring your comfort preferences and making efficient adjustments, while being convenient to operate at the same time.

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