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3 Important Heating Industry Trends to Investigate

In order for our company to be as helpful and attentive as possible for our customers, we need to be innovative. We have to stay on top of industry trends, train our employees, do our research, and above all else share that information with our community. The more informed and well-versed our customers are about the HVAC industry, the more likely they are to make smart decisions that benefit them financially.

This is the post where we’re going to dive deep into three specific industry trends that homeowners are definitely going to want to be aware of. We’ll go over why these trends are occurring, what they mean for homeowners, and the best choice of action you can take to avoid missing out.

Many of these trends center around furnace repair in Columbia City, so don’t forget to call our team when you need help!

Furnaces Are Getting More Complex

We talk about professional HVAC services on this blog all the time, and one of the biggest reasons we do is because heating systems are becoming more complex with each and every model. Furnaces used to be dangerous, inefficient, and they barely worked at keeping homes comfortable and not drafty. Now, we’ve come a long way, and technologically speaking, furnaces are some of the most advanced pieces of machinery that exist in our homes.

This means that professional service is more necessary than ever. Amateurs likely don’t have the tools, training, and experience to repair your furnace system without causing a safety concern or an additional problem. The growing trend in the industry is that professional service is required to handle these complex systems, and that’s where our team comes in!

Efficiency Is Everything

It’s not just about keeping homes comfortable anymore. While this is the primary objective of your heater, there are plenty of heater models that can do this for your home. The truth is that your heater needs to keep your home warm at an affordable price per month. If it doesn’t, or if it starts running up the bill, then you’ve got a problem that needs to be fixed.

Long gone are the days where a heater could consume twice as much fuel or energy as it was designed to, since energy is reaching peak costs in our economy. Make sure your system is running efficiently so you don’t have to deal with high heating bills and a broken-down system.

Maintenance Programs Are the Best Way to Save

Maintenance programs are a growing trend in our industry. Remember earlier in this blog when we mentioned that professionals are more required now to repair systems of ever-increasing complexity? Well, professional service can be expensive, and maintenance programs are the best way to save money on this kind of service. Maintenance programs grant homeowners benefits like parts repair and replacement discounts, extended equipment lifespans, priority services, and more. Why not take a look at our maintenance program while you’re calling us for repairs, and see if we can’t give you a clear path to save money down the line?

Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning has what it takes to properly fix your furnace. Call Collier’s—A company you’ve grown to trust.

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