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A Handy Heater Installation FAQ

Heating system installation can seem like a daunting task. For instance, you might have ductwork that needs to be repaired before you can install a new furnace. Or, perhaps you’d like to go all-electric and reduce your carbon footprint, but you’re nervous about whether an electric system can handle the heating needs of your home. These are all great concerns and ones that can be resolved with the help of a trained professional.

First, we’ll start by answering your questions here. Look for a question that you might have and let us answer it to the best of our ability. Every situation is going to require a different solution, so you’re going to want to schedule an appointment with a professional for heater installation in Plymouth, IN. Only through that initial consultation can you get a full picture of how long it will take, how expensive it might be, and why you might be better off with a different system.

“Is An Electric Heater Powerful Enough for My Home?”

Yes! There’s a misconception that electric heating just isn’t powerful enough for our winters. The truth is that even heat pumps, which are all-electric, have the power to heat an entire home through every season of the year. The same goes for electric furnaces.

What might change is the efficiency of your home heating. On certain days of the year, if temperatures get very cold, a heat pump might have to use more energy than a conventional gas furnace would, but it will still be able to keep you comfortable.

“Why Are Heat Pumps So Expensive?”

Heat pumps utilize very intricate technology to move heat instead of creating it. This allows them to be both heaters and air conditioners, all in the same package. This technology and efficiency have a price, and the initial cost of investing in a heat pump is where it is paid. However, with new tax credits and rebate programs, a heat pump can be more affordable to many people–you included!

“Are Gas Furnaces More Efficient Than Electric Heaters?”

Not really. While a gas furnace might be cheaper to run than an electric heating system, it’s only due to the fact that natural gas is less expensive than electricity right now. Overall, an electric heating system like an electric furnace or a heat pump will always use less energy as a whole than gas furnaces. How much that energy costs will be up to your local municipality and utility company.

“How Expensive Should a Heating System Be?”

That’s a complex question, but one that depends a lot on how you’d like your home to be heated. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars on a heating system if you want to, but most homeowners would avoid that as much as possible. After all, heat is heat, and all you want is for your home to be comfortable without breaking the bank.

A heat pump will be more expensive than a furnace or a boiler, due to the fact that it’s both a heating and cooling system. Ductless heat pumps are also expensive due to the fact that they don’t require air ducts, so you avoid a major expense.

Furnaces will be the more affordable option with electric furnaces being some of the most affordable systems on the market. But as far as efficiency goes, the cheaper the system you purchase, the more likely it is to use more fuel or electricity to heat your home.

You can always count on Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning for your next heating installation. Colliers—A company you’ve grown to trust.

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