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Types of Commercial Heating Systems


Commercial heating comes in many shapes and sizes. Your specific solution isn’t going to be the same as the business across the street or down the road.

Before you get a heating system sized for your business, it’s important to know which type works best for your particular needs.

We make commercial heating in Columbia City, IN as easy as possible with our extensive services. Before you jump in with both feet, let’s help you figure out which system makes the most sense for you.

Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant solutions aren’t your typical way to heat a commercial property. They don’t change the air temperature, and radiant-heated buildings will be colder than warm air-heated buildings.

Radiant heat works by using plaque heat and/or tubing to produce heat from a specific source. Instead of pushing hot air into the room, these systems use infrared radiation to heat.

When you use radiant heat, you can save ample amounts of money because you aren’t heating drafty areas where people don’t even travel. High ceilings, tall windows with poor conduction, and doors that open and close hundreds of times a day will no longer cause loss of heat.

However, when a radiant system goes out, the entire area where customers normally travel will feel very cold. You have to think about damage control in the future as well, and this is often the most off-putting aspect of radiant heating for businesses.

Warm Air Heating Systems

Warm air isn’t just forced air, like a furnace that you might have at home. It includes anything that creates warm air, which does include furnaces and electric heating elements.

Warm air methods are ideal for large spaces where you require constant temperatures. In the event that you run into an issue with your warm air heater, the area should remain somewhat warm while technicians begin their repairs, meaning you may not encounter much of an inconvenience depending on how fast you spot an issue.

Air Rotation Heating Systems

Since air rotation heating systems don’t require intricate ductwork to operate, you can save money compared to traditional HVAC units. Air rotation systems use the same method as destratification heating, which we’ll get to in a moment, but they provide another benefit.

Air rotation heating systems are ideal for warehouses and large-scale distribution facilities (especially if you have precious cargo that is susceptible to damage). Air rotation helps prevent condensation from forming on packages, works for frost protection, and keeps commercial equipment running without encountering temperature-related problems.

Destratification Heating Systems

Heat rises, so in buildings with wide open spaces and high ceilings, you end up with a warm ceiling and cold floor. Since your occupants will be as close to the floor as possible in most situations (especially customers), you want to find a way to bring that heat back down to the floor.

That’s exactly what destratification heating systems do. These fan-based systems mix warm and cool air in a commercial building to regulate the temperature. It becomes even across the entire building.

Commercial Heating Done Your Way

Slapping in any old solution doesn’t equal success. You need the right heating system, the right size, and expert installation with attention to detail. We both know that you can’t afford anything less for your business–let’s keep your customers and employees in excellent comfort all year-round.

Contact Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your next commercial heating system installation. Colliers—A company you’ve grown to trust.

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