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Heating Services for the End of Winter


Winter is technically over now that it’s the first week of April. But winter isn’t really over until the weather outside says it is, and we can expect cool temperatures and a few cold days ahead before the spring starts to steadily warm up. As you get ready for the change in seasons, take some time to see if you need any heater service in Columbia City, IN. This may sound a bit strange, but trust us that a few precautions are worthwhile when it comes to your future heating needs.

Below are a few services you might need to schedule for your heating before the cold weather goes on vacation for the middle of the year.

Fix any “minor” heating malfunctions

We put “minor” in quotes because there isn’t such a thing as a minor repair problem. Some problems may be more urgent, or may have a bigger effect on the heating system’s performance—but any malfunction with the heater has the potential to worsen and needs to be taken care of as soon as work can be scheduled. It’s tempting to ignore heater troubles at the end of winter if they aren’t causing a drop in cooling, but allowing the heater to shut down without repairs can mean a large issue the next time you really need the heater! So have those odd sounds, strange behaviors, or other issues looked into. Our technicians are here to help when you need them.

Replace a heater that’s just too old

Yes, early spring is one of the best times to arrange for any large-scale heating work, and that includes replacing a heater that’s over-the-hill. What counts as over-the-hill depends on several factors. The average gas furnace (which is probably what you have) can last around 15 to 20 years, while heat pumps can last 10 to 15. Even if your heater has been plugging along decently, planning a replacement before the heater begins to decline and becomes a breakdown risk is a good idea. Plus, you can have a higher efficiency system installed and start saving money—meaning the new heater will begin paying for itself right away.

Put in a free-standing stove

Now here is some active planning that can be a lot of fun. If your home doesn’t have a fireplace and you’ve always thought you’d like one, a free-standing stove is a terrific option. There are many beautiful choices available from our Fireplace Shoppe, and you can get them in gas-powered or wood pellet models. Not only are free-standing stoves great additions to ambiance and décor, but they really do offer fantastic heating for a room by radiating out heat from all sides.

Call your local heating experts for suggestions

Finally, there are many ways our professionals can help improve your heating that are specific to your home. If you just went through a subpar experience with your heating this last winter, we can offer all types of help. Schedule an appointment any time (we’re less busy in spring) and we can boost your heating and help you lower your bills.

Get those last-minute heating jobs done with the company you’ve come to trust: Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

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