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Sign Up for Our HomeSavers Club This Spring!


When it comes to HVAC Services in Columbia City, IN, Collier’s is the trusted company and has been for more than three decades. Among the many reasons that homeowners turn to us to take care of their heating and cooling is because of our HomeSavers Club. This maintenance program packages the regular inspections and tune-ups an HVAC system needs with extra benefits. Customers receive tremendous value from membership, starting with reliable heating and cooling systems that don’t waste money when they run.

Spring Is the Time to Join the HomeSavers Club

Why do we recommend joining the HomeSavers Club now? The truth is that any time is great for getting a membership. As long as you keep your membership current, you’ll be ready for heating and AC maintenance when the time arrives. But if you’ve been on the fence about joining or you haven’t given it much thought yet, spring is the perfect time to make the move—because you’re about to need your cooling system working at peak performance to deal with summer heat.

In general, maintenance for an air conditioning system is always best done right before the hottest parts of the year. This not only gets the AC ready in time for the hot weather, but it also prevents the system from losing the benefits of a tune-up over a few months of inactivity. The air conditioner will go into the heat of summer in the best shape, like a marathon runner preparing in the weeks ahead of the big event.

Why AC Maintenance In Spring Is So Beneficial

Aside from the benefits our HomeSavers program offers to customers, spring AC maintenance is helpful in general. You don’t want to approach another long summer season with a cooling system that hasn’t received proper cleaning, adjustments, and inspections. Here’s what a spring maintenance tune-up does for you:

  • It catches any potential repair issue before it becomes a full malfunction that interferes with cooling performance—or even becomes a complete system breakdown. The technicians will find problems like refrigerant leaks or motors that are wearing down, giving you time to schedule repairs before summer. In some cases, technicians can repair the trouble on the spot.
  • Maintenance reduces the wear on an air conditioner by cleaning it and lubricating moving parts. This improves AC energy efficiency so it cost more to run over its service life than it should. The service life will also be longer for an AC that keeps up with maintenance each spring (something our HomeSavers Club makes easier with yearly reminders).
  • Regular maintenance keeps the manufacturer’s warranty valid. The warranty protects you from having to pay for an AC repair or replacement due to a factory fault. Keeping the warranty in place can prevent you from getting stuck with a big service bill.

Find Out More About the HomeSavers Club Benefits

The HomeSavers Club delivers heater, air conditioner, water heater, and indoor air quality maintenance service. Call our office to speak to learn all about what membership can do for you.

Sign up for the HomeSavers Club. Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning: For Over 30 Years, A Company You’ve Grown to Trust!

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