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Our HomeSavers Club Is the Best Way to Plan for Winter Heating

As we’re writing this, it’s only a few days until the first official day of fall. Of course, temperatures don’t immediately drop on the first day of fall, and there may still be warm days ahead. But fall is definitely the time to start planning the transition into the season when you’ll need your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or radiant heating system working on a regular basis. And that means that it’s once more time for a routine inspection and maintenance tune-up for your home’s heating system.

If you want to take care of maintenance for your heating in Syracuse, IN this September or October and you haven’t signed up for our HomeSavers Club, now is the time to sign up and get a jump on this important fall task.

The Importance of Professional Heating Maintenance

“Why does this need to be done every year?” Plenty of homeowners ask this question when they hear about scheduling annual tune-ups and inspections for their heating systems. There are many reasons for making this a yearly task: keeping your heater safe, keeping it effective, and saving money.


This is the big one. If this were the only benefit of regular heating maintenance, it would make it worthwhile. To keep a heating system operating without creating unnecessary danger for a home and its residents, it must have an annual inspection from a professional. This applies strongest to gas-powered boilers and furnaces, which are the most common type of household heating systems. Gas leaks are a major danger, but the risk can be kept to a minimum thanks to annual maintenance.


You don’t want to face the coming winter with the tickling suspicion in your mind that your heater might crash on you right when you need it the most. But if a heating system doesn’t have a tune-up and cleaning, there’s a higher chance of this occurring. Maintenance also provides technicians an opportunity to catch any malfunctions that haven’t shown up as major problems yet; repairs can be scheduled in time to beat out the winter cold and help avoid a drop in heating power or a full breakdown.

Save Money

There are three major ways maintenance saves you money in the long and short-term with your heater:

  • There will be fewer repair issues. Around 85% of heating system repairs are avoidable with annual maintenance.
  • The heater will maintain its energy efficiency. Dirt, dust, and worn-down components will force the heater to drain more power to run, and it will lose energy efficiency for every year it misses its routine tune-up.
  • The heating system will have a longer service life. Perhaps the most expensive “repair” a heater will need is to be replaced earlier than necessary. Maintenance aims to see the heater provides a great return on its original investment with many years of service.

The HomeSavers Club Benefits

Our HomeSavers Club is the best way to have regular maintenance. The Club offers discounts on annual heating and air conditioning tune-ups, as well as discounts on service calls and emergency repairs. Right now we’re offering $10 off on a furnace tune-up, so you can save even more as you prepare for winter.

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