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Here’s How Our HomeSavers Club Prevents Furnace Repairs

gas-furnace-openFall is a slower time of the year when it comes to HVAC work because the hot weather subsides, taking the pressure off air conditioners, but the true cold weather hasn’t set in yet, keeping furnaces and other heating systems inactive. But there’s an important HVAC job that needs to be done at this time of year, which is regular professional maintenance for a home’s heating system.

If your home is like many in Indiana, it uses a furnace for winter heat. Arranging to have it maintained through our HomeSavers club will help the system run at peak efficiency through the coming winter. But it will also prevent many repair issues.

Stopping Furnace Repairs with Maintenance

Here is how maintenance through the HomeSavers club will prevent furnace repair in Plymouth, IN.

  • It removes extra stress on the unit: As a furnace runs over a year, it picks up wear and tear. Much of the stress is on the blower motor and inside the combustion chamber (for a gas furnace) or the heating elements (in an electric furnace). Our technicians look over all the parts and take care of tune-up tasks to prevent the strain from worsening. We lubricate moving parts, clean off the burner, etc. With the furnace working in much better condition, there’s less likelihood of a repair problem emerging later.
  • It locates minor issues before they become repair issues: Furnace maintenance involves an extensive inspection of the unit that looks over everything. Our technicians are trained to spy out minor problems that can be quickly fixed during the inspections—problems that would turn into major repairs if the system skipped maintenance.
  • It finds repairs that might lead to other repairs: Your furnace may already have a repair problem that needs to be taken care of before the winter starts, but which hasn’t shown outer indications yet. During the inspection, technicians will detect these problems and inform you of them so you can have them done in time for the winter. If these hidden repairs were not attended to, you would probably have to handle multiple repairs later on, since malfunctions tend to trigger other malfunctions.
  • It prevents early furnace replacement: Finally, there’s the biggest “repair” of all, needing to replace a furnace years before its time. Maintenance through our HomeSavers club will extend the equipment life of your heating system so you’ll receive the most value from your initial investment in it.

Join the HomeSavers Club Today!

It’s simple to join our HomeSavers Club: just give us a call today and you’ll start realizing the savings. Aside from the savings you’ll experience because of all those repairs you’ll never need, you’ll also save money on emergency calls, service tasks, duct cleaning, and on any purchases you make in our Fireplace Shoppe. Contact us and one of our friendly team members will be glad to go over the details with you and arrange for that vital furnace tune-up and inspection. And right now we’re offering $10 off a furnace tune-up.

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