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Steps for Furnace Safety

The modern gas furnace is designed to operate with minimal danger. However, there is no way that a gas furnace can be constructed that is 100% free from failures or malfunctions. If you use a gas furnace for your home comfort during the winter in Warsaw, IN, then we recommend that you take a few steps to help ensure that the furnace works at its most hazard-free. We’ve listed the most important below. You can always call us for more assistance.

Arrange for a professional inspection and tune-up

This is the essential part of keeping a furnace safe: letting licensed technician give the system a complete inspection. These safety inspections are a part of annual fall maintenance for a heating system, so if you haven’t arranged for your heating maintenance yet, now is definitely the time to do it. If the technicians find anything wrong with the furnace that could become unsafe, they’ll tell you and help you schedule repairs.

Keep the area around the furnace clear

It’s tempting for people to use the basement area around a furnace, or the closet where the furnace is housed, as a storage area. But this can create a fire danger. Maintain a clearance of about a foot around the furnace to prevent combustion. And never store flammable materials such as paint thinner or fuels anywhere near the furnace.

Purchase carbon monoxide detectors

The main threat that can come from a malfunctioning furnace is the escape of carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and highly toxic gas. Because it’s almost impossible to detect until symptoms of CO poisoning start, the best defense against it is to have carbon monoxide detectors placed in your home. These sensitive instruments will sound an alarm if carbon monoxide rises to unhealthy levels, giving you time to leave your home and call for assistance. You can purchase battery-powered CO detectors from many home improvement stores.

Never delay calling for repairs

As soon as you notice odd behavior from your furnace—such as loud noises, short-cycling, a drop in heating power, acrid smells from the vents—shut off the gas and call our repair technicians. Ignoring a problem because it seems “minor” will give the problem a chance to worsen and turn into a health hazard.

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