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The Importance of Replacing an Air Filter

While you might have heard us mention replacing your furnace filter time and time again, we’re still addressing the fact that many homeowners don’t know their furnace even has a filter! This is incredibly important to us because we’re all about providing quality maintenance to make sure that your furnace lasts as long as possible. A happy, healthy, furnace means low heating bills and a comfortable home for many years to come.

Unfortunately, when a furnace’s air filter clogs, it can begin to stifle your heater—reducing the airflow into your system while adding stress on certain components. This means your system will start consuming more energy to complete the same heating task, and you’ll need heater repair in Columbia City sooner rather than later!

So, let’s go over the benefits of replacing your furnace filter. There are plenty of reasons not to ignore this vital piece of your heater.

Benefits to Changing Your Air Filter

So, we know what would happen if you didn’t change your air filter, but what are the benefits that come with changing it regularly? Let’s take a look.

  • Increased system efficiency. Since your system has a fresh intake of air that isn’t being impeded by dust or debris, your furnace will run more efficiently than it did before. As long as you replace the filter every 1-3 months, your system should be running at peak efficiency.
  • Increased output. A furnace that has a fresh filter has an increased amount of air inflow, which means that it’s easier for it to do its job. You can expect better performance and, if you’ve been struggling with heater output lately, an increased amount of hot air produced. This can mean a huge difference for families with a struggling heater nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Better air quality. While your air filter is used to filter particulates before they harm the interior of your furnace, they also clean your indoor air by default. Therefore, with a fresh air filter in your furnace, contaminants that were being cycled through your home previously can be caught and removed.

How to Replace Your Air Filter

For everyone who is less acquainted with a furnace than we might be, replacing or cleaning your furnace’s filter is a very easy process. You’ll have to begin by doing a bit of research as to what kind of filter exists in your furnace as well as the size of it. Once you know if it should be cleaned or replaced and you have the necessary replacement, there should be a panel near either the blower of your system or the intake area of the ductwork, where a filter can be slid in and out.

From there, it should be straightforward to replace your filter. Some models require a brand-new filter, others just require a quick rinsing so it can be reinserted. Just make sure you place the filter back into your heater facing the right direction. Usually, there are arrows that point to the specific direction it should be facing.

If you run into trouble replacing your air filter, call the team at Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning for professional help. Colliers—a company you’ve grown to trust.

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