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Notice These Heater Ailments

If you’re one of the many owners of a furnace or other type of heating system, you’re going to already be aware of a few signs that show problems are developing. While problems are important to address, and furnace repair in Plymouth, IN should be made in a timely manner, there isn’t anything worse than having your heating system stop completely during the coldest months of the year.

Today we’re going to run through a checklist of some incredibly important things to notice that will signify imminent or immediate heating system failure. These aren’t your run of the mill repairs, these can be incredibly expensive, cause a system breakdown, and can often be dangerous as well. Basically, these are the issues that you can’t ignore and that you should always call a trustworthy team of HVAC professionals about.

Well, let’s get started!

From Bad to Worse

We’ll start with some problems that, while could cause a breakdown of your system, aren’t the most dangerous or terrible of the lot.

Clogged Air Filter

If your system has been running with a clogged air filter for too long, the damage might already be done. They make your furnace work much harder, stifling it of the air it needs to heat, while increasing your overall heating cost. Eventually, your system will break down if the air filter isn’t replaced in a timely manner.

Busted Belt or Worn Out Bearings

If you’ve ever heard a scraping or squealing noise, these can be the culprits. Squealing, just like that might come from a car with a frayed belt, comes from the belt in your heater being frayed or slipped. Scraping noises can come from ball bearings that are worn, loose, or that haven’t been properly lubricated. These can compound and lead to a system breakdown if they aren’t addressed by a professional.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

This is one of the more dangerous problems that can occur in a gas furnace. If you’re dealing with a heat exchanger that’s cracked, it’s going to require a pretty expensive fix to get your heater back up and running well. The problem is, this repair can’t be overlooked because a cracked heat exchanger could mean that you’re leaking gas or carbon monoxide into your home, which too dangerous of a risk to have.

Flickering or Yellow Pilot Light

This is one of the worst problems you could have with your furnace because it can be so easy to miss but signal such a huge problem. A yellow flame produces carbon monoxide, which it is absolutely not supposed to do. Carbon monoxide is incredibly toxic and dangerous, and this could mean it’s not venting through the exhaust properly. Also, a flickering light signifies that there could be a leak where the air is coming in and causing the flame to flicker. This is also a bad sign since that carbon monoxide could be leaking into your home. If you notice this problem, turn your heater off and contact a professional immediately.

Don’t thank us, just make sure your heater is functioning effectively and safely. Call Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning today if you’ve got any questions. Colliers—A company you’ve grown to trust.

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