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What Might Be in Your Ducts?

Air ducts are a spot in your home reserved for one thing only: air. That’s not just because they’re called “air ducts,” but because it relates to their sole function. Air ducts are supposed to bring cool, conditioned air in the summer (and heated air in the winter) throughout your home and deposit it into the rooms where you can feel it. Without air ducts, you’d simply sit in your uncomfortable room while your AC or heater churned out the temperatures you wanted but only in the area that it worked.

Air ducts are great, but the truth is that they don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. Sometimes they fall into disrepair (which we can help with), but even when they’re in relatively good shape, they’ll get covered in contaminants. Those contaminants can end up in your breathable air if you don’t hire a team for air duct cleaning service in Warsaw, IN.

Keep reading to find out more.

Potential Contaminants in Your Ducts

Contaminants come in all shapes and sizes, but they have to be particularly small to fit in your air ducts. There’s no 100% certain way to keep contaminants out of your ducts (although an air filter does help). But duct cleaning on a routine basis, like every 2–3 years, is a great way to remove those contaminants and to keep things clean.

Here are just a few potential contaminants that could be in your air ducts right now.

  • Dust. We all know how insidious dust can be. It comes out of nowhere and forms a thin layer on pretty much everything in your home until it’s cleaned off. It doesn’t take much to clean dust, but it’s an issue that needs to be cleaned since it can be persistent. Dust can form thick sheets in your air ducts since those are empty spaces that are filled with only air. Dust can be the most prevalent contaminant in air ducts and the easiest thing for a pro to clean.
  • Pet dander. Do you have pets in the home? Then you’re probably familiar with the fact that they release dander into the air that can get stuck in the same way that dust can. This material can clog up your air ducts and cause breathing problems down the line, not to mention make allergies worse!
  • Debris. Are you doing any projects at home? Then you might be releasing debris or inorganic contaminants from paints and glues that get caught in your air ducts. A thorough cleaning will remove these contaminants.
  • Mold. Depending on your home’s humidity, you could also be inundated with mold spores or growths in your air ducts. These can deteriorate your air quality and cause health problems down the line.
  • Insects. Insects can find comfort in your air ducts since they’re dark, small, and away from people. Unfortunately, nobody wants nesting insects to infiltrate their air ducts. We can almost always spot and remove the problem when we’re called to clean a customer’s air ducts, so you’ve got nothing to worry about with our help.

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