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Your Heating System’s Report Card

Yep, you heard that right! Just because your heating system doesn’t go to school or take any tests, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t grade its performance every few months or years. Your heater provides a valuable service to your home and it’s important that it keeps doing so efficiently, otherwise you’ll be the one paying the consequences with your own money.

Does your heating system need to work perfectly? Of course not, but a furnace that’s barely functioning, or running with frequent repair needs and obnoxious noises is one that’s in dire need of furnace replacement in Warsaw, IN. We’re just trying to help customers figure out if they need maintenance, repairs, or a whole system replacement before their unit breaks down on the coldest day of the year.

Ready to get started? It might be helpful to pull up a notepad or a pen so you can take some notes to have with you when you grade your own heating system.

A Grading Rubrik

Before we get into this, let’s talk about how we grade our heating systems. We need to focus on all sorts of different categories, from performance, to efficiency, and even comfortable operation. Any problem in one of these categories will hurt the whole score, so you might want to keep that in mind.

An A+ Heating System

Well done! If your heating system were a person, it would be perfectly acceptable to give it a pat on the back. If your heater works without a hitch, giving you comfort without making any noise or disrupting your budget, then you might not have any complaints. Just make sure you schedule maintenance next year to keep it in good shape.

A Solid B

A furnace or other heating system with a B-grade is probably working as intended, but it might need a bit of help. Perhaps there’s a small issue or it’s slowly been running up your heating bill. We urge customers to schedule maintenance to have the system tuned-up so it can get back on track.

A C-Grade System Does the Trick

While your heating system might still technically work, it could have a serious problem or many smaller problems that you’re frustrated with. This sounds like your system might require some repairs, which our team is available to provide you with. Just remember that waiting on repairs is never a good idea, since problems can compound and get even worse!

A D-Grade System Is in Need of Dire Support

Well, if your heating system is 10–15 years old, if it’s barely working, or if it’s constantly leaking smoke, refrigerant, or an integral substance to the heating process, then it needs to be replaced. If your system gets a D, then our team can help remove that old and outdated unit and replace it with one that’s hopefully an A-student.

An F: The System Is Broken Down

A heating system that fails every category is a system that’s not working at all. We call this “broken,” and if your heater is like this, it needs to be replaced ASAP. We don’t recommend trying to make it through another season without a proper heating system to keep you and your family warm.

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