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Why We Recommend Solar Attic Fans


When people hear about attic fans, they’re sometimes confused. After all, who spends much time up in the attic? It’s stuffy and gets far too hot!

But that the attic is too hot is the reason for having attic fans, as we’ll explain. And if you decide to have attic fans installed, the type we recommend is solar attic fans, and we’ll explain that as well.

The Benefit of Attic Fans

Attic fans are designed to economically lower the temperature inside an attic. When the sun strikes the roof of a house, the radiant energy causes the heat levels in the attic to spike. Even on a moderately warm summer day, this beating from the sun on the roof can raise the temperature of the attic up to 130°F. The insulation in the attic can only do so much to keep this intense heat trapped. The rest of the house could have its temperature raised by 8°F to 10°F because of the high levels of heat in the attic, creating discomfort and leading to spending more money running the HVAC system.

An attic fan exhausts the heat from the attic to the outside and allows the cooler outdoor air to replace it. Without having to use any refrigerant, attic fans can cool the space down to levels where the insulation is much more effective.

Attic fans also provide benefits to the roofing material. The fans exhaust moisture that gathers in the attic from sources all around a home. This reduces mold and mildew that may cause serious damage to shingles and other roofing material. Attic fans can mean a much longer life for your roof.

Going Solar Is Great with Attic Fans

So you get all these advantages from attic fans—but you get even more with solar attic fans. What’s fantastic about solar-powered attic fans is they work the hardest when you need them the most, on bright sunny days! Solar energy powers the fans without requiring any extra electrical energy from the rest of the home. Solar power is pretty much free energy. Not only will you run your AC less, but the device that’s making it possible to cut down on AC use requires little energy to run either.

If you’re concerned you won’t have enough solar energy on overcast days, no need to worry: solar panels can work with any amount of ambient light. You’ll have the attic fans working any day of the year you need them (and yes, they can help in winter with those moisture problems).

Solar Energy Professionals

Solar attic fans are simple to install for professionals. In fact, they’re a great way for a house to start exploring the possibilities of using solar energy in general. We offer a range of solar services in Warsaw, IN and install panels for a number of uses in a house. Get in touch with our solar professionals to find out more about installing solar attic fans and other ways we can put the renewable energy of the sun to work for you.

Look to Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning, a company you’ve come to trust over 30 years!

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