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Before You First Turn on the AC …


The warm weather is on its way! Soon, you’ll be turning on your home’s central air conditioning system and keep it running for a few hours (at least) during the day.

But wait—before you adjust the thermostat to activate the air conditioner, there are a few steps to do and checks to make. We recommend you do them at least a few weeks before you anticipate when you’ll start using the AC. You may need to schedule air conditioning repair in Plymouth, IN before the season starts, and now is a good time to find out if you do!

Follow the steps below to help your air conditioner have the best possible start to the summer.

ONE: Change the air filter

The furnace and AC use the same air filter (if you have a standard setup with both housed in one cabinet and sharing the blower fan). That filter has probably gotten clogged up after winter, and it’s recommended to have a fresh filter in place before summer. Slide the old filter out of its slot on the HVAC cabinet and slide in a new one—it’s that simple. Remember to put in a new filter every 1 to 3 months over the summer.

TWO: Look around the outside cabinet and clean it

The outdoor cabinet of a central air conditioning system is the condenser. It houses the compressor and the condenser coil, and it’s where the heat from indoors is exhausted to the outside. The condenser can’t effectively blow out heat if the area around it is blocked by plants and branches, or if the grill is dirty. Clear and trim plants from around the cabinet and gently hose it down if it’s covered with grime.

THREE: Check the circuit breaker

Make sure the air conditioner’s circuit breaker is turned on. People often shut off the power to the air conditioner during the winter to prevent it from accidentally turning on.

FOUR: See if all room vents are open and clear

The vent registers in all the rooms should be open (closing the shutters doesn’t help control temperature) and unobstructed. Make sure no furniture or carpets have been moved over the winter that ended up blocking the vents. Blocked or closed vents cause an increase in pressure in the ventilation system that can lead to duct leaks and the blower motor overheating.

FIVE: Schedule professional air conditioning maintenance

This is the most critical step. Nothing is better for your air conditioner heading into the summer than to have HVAC technicians give it a thorough inspection. The experts will find spots where the system may need repairs, and they’ll take care of general cleaning and adjustments to the components that will ensure the AC works at high efficiency. When you keep up with maintenance, you can expect a longer service life from your air conditioner.

You can arrange for your pre-summer air conditioning maintenance with membership in our HomeSavers Club. Call our offices today for details and to sign up.

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