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Choices for a New Air Conditioning Installation for the Summer

outdoor-air-conditioning-unit-with-catWe’ve written previously about making the choice to retire an aging air conditioner and putting a new one in before summer arrives. But we didn’t address the next question you ask once you’ve answered, “Should I replace my AC?” And that question is, “What should I replace it with?”

HVAC technology never stands still. There are new models available today superior to your current AC even when it was new. And there are different varieties of air conditioners other than the standard split system central AC and the inefficient window unit. (We don’t recommend the latter, by the way.) We’ve put together a list of some of your air conditioner options, all of which our technicians install. To find out more about these choices for a new air conditioning installation in Columbia City, IN, and throughout Northeastern Indiana, talk to our staff today.

Air Conditioning Options to Consider

  • Central Air Conditioners: This is the most common type of residential air conditioner, and it’s probably the type you’re looking to replace right now. But there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the tried-and-true. Central air conditioners are effective and, as long as they’re properly sized, energy efficient. You won’t have to make any major changes to your ventilation system or the rest of your house with a new central AC.
  • Heat Pumps: A heat pump is similar to a central air conditioner in most ways, making it an attractive option for a replacement. The difference with a heat pump is the system can switch the direction it moves heat so that it also functions as a central heater. If you’re also considering upgrading your home heating system, a heat pump is an excellent way to have both cooling and heating taken care of at one time.
  • Ductless Systems: Ductless air conditioners (most of which are heat pumps) are increasingly popular. These systems run with individual air handlers mounted on walls throughout the house, so they blow cooled/heated air directly into the living space without ductwork. Ductless systems are energy efficient and don’t suffer from the trouble that ducts can cause. They’re especially suited for homes undergoing construction or remodeling.
  • Geothermal Systems: Why not go for an environmentally friendly choice that will also save you money? Geothermal air conditioning and heating systems are big installations, but when you work with skilled professionals, the work will go smoothly—and you’ll enjoy tremendous energy savings.

Making the Right Choice for a New Air Conditioner

If you’re reading the above list and wondering how you can make the best choice for your home, the answer is to work with professionals. You must have HVAC technicians to correctly install the new system, so it’s wise to have the pros involved from the start. Our experts will look over your house and help you make a choice for a new AC that will keep it cool while also saving you energy and fitting in your budget.

Right now is a great time to have a new air conditioner installed. We’re having a Flag Day sale: You can save up to $1,200 off a new Lennox Air Conditioning Unit through June. Contact us for more details or to arrange other cooling services.

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