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What Do Solar Attic Fans Do?

thermometer-going-redWhen people hear about attic fans, they often wonder what purpose they could serve. The attic isn’t a part of the house people spend much time in, so why would it be beneficial to have fans installed up there?

But attic fans are a great way to cool down a house during the summer and reduce high air conditioning costs. They can also help during the winter at protecting the roof of a house. And solar attic fans add an extra layer of energy conservation, providing a house with all the benefits and almost no operating costs.

You must have professionals handle solar attic fan installation. Our team of experts is glad to help you with this job. Talk to a staff member today to find out more and to schedule service. Along with solar attic fans, we also install solar panels.

The Benefits of Using Attic Fans

An attic fan isn’t simply a fan that moves air around the attic space; that wouldn’t do anybody much good. An attic fan is a type of ventilation system that helps to rapidly moved superheated air from an attic to the cooler outdoor air. If you’ve ever been up in the attic on a summer day, you’ll know how incredibly hot it gets up there. This comes from the radiant energy of the sun along the roof, as well as heat rising from below and collecting in the attic. During even a standard warm summer day, the sun on the roof can raise the temperature of the attic above 130°F!

This makes the attic into a massive heat sink at the top of a hosue. The heat will start to seep down into the rest of the home, and can raise the temperature from 8°F to 10°F. That’s a significant bump for a house: a pleasant 75°F becomes an unpleasant 85°F, and that’s the difference between whether the air conditioner runs or not.

Although the insulation in the attic helps to slow down the movement of heat, it isn’t perfect. The best way to cool down the attic energy-efficiently is with attic fans. The solar attic fans cost almost nothing to run, taking that the energy straight from the sun on the roof and using it to power the fans. With the heat at the peak of the house lowered to a more bearable level, you can enjoy better comfort in the rest of the home—and give the air conditioner a much needed break!

And what about during winter? Attic fans help to remove moisture that gathers in at the top of the house. Bathing and cooking creates a larger amount of moisture that rises up into the attic. This can cause damage to the roof because of wood rot. Worse, it will create ice dams and freezing water that will cause tiles to crack. Attic fans will help your home’s roof enjoy a long life and keep away expensive repairs.

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