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If My Compressor Burns Out, Should I Replace the Whole AC?

compressorThere are a lot of issues that homeowners may encounter with their home cooling systems. It’s unfortunate, but it’s just a fact. There is no way in which you can make any air conditioning system 100% reliable. Routine maintenance will get you as close as possible, but even that can’t guarantee a problem-free lifespan. All this being said, there are certainly some problems that are more serious than others. Compressor burnout is up there at the top.

If your compressor burns out, you are definitely dealing with a major issue. Before you start jumping to worst-case scenario conclusions, though, you really need to take a step back and assess the situation as a whole. Some folks will tell you that replacing your entire air conditioning system is your only option in this scenario, but that’s not really true. So read on, and remember that we’re here for all of your air conditioning services in Syracuse, IN.

Yes, Compressor Burnout Is a Serious Issue

The purpose of this post is not to convince you that a burnt-out compressor is not a major problem. It definitely is. Remember, the compressor in your air conditioning system is a vital component for its overall operation.

The way that your air conditioner actually cools your home is through the refrigerant cycle. Without the compression of that refrigerant at the right time in the cycle, the cooling doesn’t happen.

Now, compressors can be replaced, but the fact remains that this is the single most expensive part of an air conditioner to replace. Does that mean that replacement of the whole system is always necessary? No.

But a careful cost-benefit analysis is necessary for determining if you should move forward with replacing the single component or the whole system. If your system is under warranty or if it is still quite new, then replacing the compressor itself is an option to consider.

Protecting Your Compressor

  • Keep the system lubricated. We cannot stress this enough. If your system is not sufficiently lubricated, then you are damaging it every time you use it. When we tune up your system, we’ll make sure that everything has the lubrication it needs to succeed.
  • Keep suction lines in good condition. Your system uses designated refrigerant lines to circulate refrigerant to throughout the AC. If these lines are blocked or damaged, then your compressor is going to suffer the ill effects.
  • Improper refrigerant charge. Refrigerant is not consumed by your air conditioner. It circulates throughout the system in a closed-loop. That means that a low charge indicates a leak or improper charging to begin with. It’s also possible for refrigerant to be overcharged.  Working with our professionals rules out such issues.

So what does this all boil down to? Well, you cannot really do too much to protect your compressor on your own—at least, not in terms of getting in there with your toolbox and getting your hands dirty.  You can, however, make the best choice of all. Schedule routine maintenance with our team, and let us know if you’re running into problems of any kind with your AC immediately.

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