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Why Are My Cooling Costs So Much Higher Than Normal?


Now that we’re entering the late summer, you’ve had a chance to look over a few months of utility bills with the electrical costs of the air conditioning on them. Have these bills been much higher than what you’re used to? Can you think of a reason why this might be, such as more people in the home, fewer days on extended vacations, or anything else? If you can’t identify the cause of this increase in the cost to cool your home, the issue may be with the air conditioner itself.

A Few Possible Sources of These Higher Costs

There are many potential reasons for a rise in cooling expenses, but we’ve listed the most common that come from the HVAC system.

The air conditioning system is too old

One of the first things to ask yourself when an air conditioning costs more to run than before is how old the system is. No air conditioning system can run forever, and the majority can work for about 15 years before they start to decline beyond the point where repairs can do much good. If you’ve had your AC for 15 years or more, you’re almost certainly paying more for cooling than you should—time to schedule a replacement.

The HVAC cabinet has a clogged air filter

Here’s a much simpler issue leading to high cooling costs. The air filter on the HVAC cabinet (located near the blower fan) blocks debris from getting into the air conditioner. After one to three months, the filter will be excessively clogged and place extra strain on the blower fan, and this means higher AC costs. Put in a clean filter and write down a reminder to change the filter regularly.

The air conditioner is short-cycling

Short-cycling is a term referring to a behavior in an air conditioner when the system doesn’t complete full cooling cycles. The compressor starts up, but shuts off early, only to turn on again a short time later. Because start-up uses the most electrical power of any part of the cooling cycle, short-cycling will elevate bills. It will also rapidly wear down the air conditioner and will lead to extra repairs and a shortened system life, so have repairs done as soon as possible.

The ductwork has air leaks

Here’s a common problem that often escapes people’s attention. The ductwork that carries air from the AC to the rooms is supposed to be airtight. If leaks develop over time, the air will start to escape—up to 30% of the air that’s been cooled. Think about this: almost a third of the air you’re paying to cool is going to waste! No wonder this creates higher bills. The solution is to have HVAC technicians test the ducts and then seal up leaks.

Let Our Professionals See You Have the Best Cooling

We are the local Syracuse, IN, HVAC contractor you can trust to repair your air conditioning system (or replace it with a great new unit) so you aren’t paying astronomical fees. We believe you deserve the best comfort in your home, and we’re here to deliver it.

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