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What Your Next AC Says About You

We’ve all seen those funny quizzes and lists, like “which character from this hit 90s TV show are you?” or “what your car says about you.” These are classic, and not only are they usually pretty funny, they can sometimes hit at something that’s very true.

Air conditioning systems have been around long enough that they’re a part of pop culture. They’re also super common these days, practically every home in our area has one–whether it’s a window unit or a powerful central air conditioner.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new air conditioning installation in Columbia City, IN, then we’ve got a fun list for you to figure out what kind of person you are, and what kind of system would fit perfectly in your home. Of course, you should always take into account your preferences and your budget, but there’s no reason why this process can’t be fun!

A Window AC

Well, everyone has to start somewhere! Perhaps you’re living in an apartment and trying to save as much money as possible. Or maybe you’re downsizing a little bit, while you spend the majority of your savings on college for your kids (which we can all agree is outrageously expensive). This is fine.

But there are many problems with window unit air conditioners. They’re still costly, even when they’re cheaper than other air conditioning systems. They’re inefficient, mostly due to the fact that they sit in your window and are easily leaking cool air out of the sides. And don’t get us started on the faulty technology in some of them. They’re not really built to last and most of our customers would probably agree.

But sometimes, enduring the summer with a cheap system to save some money isn’t a bad idea, so more power to you!

Central Air Conditioner

This is where you get into the heavy hitters of AC. If you’re the owner of a central air conditioner, you’ve likely got a busy life with a lot going on. You might not have the time to pay attention to the latest and greatest new HVAC technology, but you’re concerned with having a system that works–and works well.

Central AC units are the gold standard for AC technology. They’re sleek, powerful, and the most recent models are very energy efficient. Why upgrade to a different system if these work just fine?

Heat Pump

For many of our customers, a “normal” AC just isn’t enough. With electricity prices surging, and record-breaking weather events becoming more common, people want a solution for their cooling, heating, and all the areas in between.

Heat pumps are powerful, efficient, and they serve as both heating and cooling units. By switching it from cooling to heating mode, you get excellent temperature control even in the fall, spring, or winter. These systems are for the customers who like to think ahead, and who have the time for some extra research on new, efficient technology.

Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless heat pumps represent peak convenience and efficiency. They’re for homeowners with uniquely sized homes, or old homes that just don’t have the space for air ducts. And, for some of our hipster customers, they can feel cool and alternative.

Ductless heat pumps run almost identically to regular heat pumps, except they use mounted air handlers instead of a centralized system. Keep your living room at 70 degrees, while your bedroom is at 68, with no problems whatsoever!

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