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Why Won’t My AC Keep Up at the End of Summer?


The Dogs Days of Summer. If only they were THIS pleasant.

Oh boy, here we are in the “dog days” of summer. (Which has nothing to do with dogs lying around on porches panting. The phrase goes back to the ancient Greeks and the position of the constellation Sirius the Dog in the morning sky. The more you know, the more… okay, this isn’t terribly useful information, but we’d thought we’d share it.)

Anyway, the late summer heat… it can be pretty bad, even with a few days of rain and some cooling now and then. Your air conditioning system in Columbia City, IN still has some heavy work ahead of it before the true cooling of fall arrives. And if your AC doesn’t seem like it’s up to battling the heat, leaving hot spots around the home and letting humidity get out of control, it’s something we recommend you investigate now. Don’t let problems linger because cooler weather is on the horizon. Delaying repair work for an air conditioner means bigger costs in the future—not to mention a possible full system breakdown.

Possible Reasons Your AC Is Having an Uphill Fight against Late Summer

Let’s get to the diagnosing. You need HVAC professionals to handle any actual central air conditioner repairs, but you can get a sense of what’s wrong before making the call to our team. You even find a simple mistake is behind the trouble:

  • You left the air filter in too long: We can never remind homeowners enough about this! The air filter in an HVAC system isn’t designed to sit there month after month. It catches dust, lint, dander, and other debris, and eventually will clog up, preventing the AC’s blower from pulling in enough warm air to work effectively. Check the filter and change it for a fresh one every 1 to 3 months.
  • The ducts are leaking: The trouble may not lie in the AC or blower, but in the ventilation system. Leaks in air ducts are a common problem, and they cause hot spots to appear in rooms because the cool air is escaping from the vents before reaching its destination. Fixing this requires professional duct sealing.
  • The outdoor condenser is blocked: Look to see if there are any obstructions around your outdoor unit. Over the summer, leaves and twigs might have blown onto it, or nearby shrubs and branches have grown too close. The cabinet needs at least a foot clear on all sides so it can “breathe” and release heat from inside your home.
  • Refrigerant loss: An air conditioner in the middle of its service life (5–7 years) is at a risk of losing refrigerant because of a type of chemical corrosion along the refrigerant lines. This is serious, and can lead to a complete compressor breakdown if not dealt with. HVAC technicians will locate leaks, seal them, and recharge the refrigerant.
  • The AC is too old: You may simply be dealing with an air conditioner that’s worn down to the point where it can’t do the job expected of it. If your current cooling system is 15 or more years old, we recommend you look into a replacement system.

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