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Are Solar Panels Effective Where I Live?

solar-panel-on-roof-of-homeSolar is a fast-growing energy field, with more residences every year drawing part of the power used to operate appliances around the home from solar panels. Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source—and best of all, the energy of the sun is ­­free. If you have solar panels and solar-powered systems in your home, you only have to pay for their installation and maintenance needs, and perhaps a small amount of back-up electricity from the grid. The actual power coming from the sun costs nothing and depletes nothing.

“But, what about where I live?” you’re probably asking. “Do we get enough sun here around the year to make solar panels worth the effort to install?”

The Answer: Yes!

When you think of solar power, you’re probably picturing a desert city, or a spot in Florida. As a resident of Northern Indiana, it’s understandable that you might think solar power isn’t an efficient energy option. There are stretches of the year where there’s not much sunlight.

But here’s a fact that will put all this in perspective. Do you know which country is the global leader is solar energy use? It’s Germany. No, not a nation along the equator or a place with immense open deserts. Germany. Overcast, frequently gloomy Germany. A country that gets less sunshine per year than any of the 48 continental states.

In other words, solar energy works pretty much anywhere in the U.S. Northern Indiana is as good a place to have solar energy panels installed as Tampa, FL or San Diego, CA.

How does this work? Don’t solar panels need sunlight?

Technically, they only need light. Solar panels aren’t actually using the heat from the sun. These panels, known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, are sensitive to rays of light. Light causes them to generate a direct electric current, which a converter then changes into alternating current so the home can use it. As long as light strikes the panels, they can create current. Even on an overcast day, there’s light available for the panels. In fact, light reflecting from snow during the winter can help make a PV panel even more effective.

Of course, there are times when a panel’s efficiency will drop—and there’s always night time. Solar energy systems are equipped with batteries to store up power for use during periods when efficiency declines. As long as you have professionals handle your solar panel installations, you should expect to receive steady energy from them.

We offer excellent solar panel service

For solar panels in Bluffton, IN and elsewhere throughout Northern Indiana, we are the local company to call. We’re solar energy specialists who work both with homeowners and businesses to help them make the most of the potential of solar energy panels. We adopted solar energy services early in our long history, and we’re committed to renewable energy solutions. Contact us today to arrange for an appointment and find out how you can start using solar energy for your home or business.

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