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Check Out Our Fireplace Shoppe and Your Choices for a New Fireplace

We’re a different type of heating company. We’re the people you can trust when it comes to putting in a new furnace, repairing a malfunctioning boiler, or doing routine maintenance for a heat pump. If you need whole-house heating assistance, we can deliver it for you. But we also work with the oldest type of heating system that’s still in use: the fireplace.

Our Fireplace Shoppe is a special part of our business. Although few people use fireplaces today as their main source of heat for their homes, fireplaces are a wonderful addition that creates a cozy feeling, a sense of luxury, a social gathering place, and even a bit of relief for the furnace or boiler. The Fireplace Shoppe provides many models and accessories, as well as BBQ grills and outdoor furniture.

Your Fireplace Options

When you come to the Fireplace Shoppe, you’ll find you have an enormous amount of choices for a new fireplace. Here are a few of them:

  • Gas log fireplace: This is the most popular alternative to the conventional wood-burning fireplace. If you already use gas in your home, it isn’t difficult for our installers to put in a gas log fireplace that’s convenient, energy-efficient, and effective at creating warmth.
  • Pellet stove: Here’s an interesting choice. Pellet stoves burn condensed wood pellets that have greater energy stored in them than standard wood. Pellet stoves are clean-burning and less expensive than wood-burning fireplaces.
  • Wood-burning fireplace: Of course, there are a few things about an old-fashioned fireplace that can’t be beat. The ambiance, the crackle, the wonderful odors… these make wood fireplaces popular after all these years.

We carry many brands of fireplaces at the Fireplace Shoppe. We’re sure that you’ll be able to find an ideal new unit that fits your home’s décor and will bring you and your family happiness for many years to come.

Call us today to find out more about the Fireplace Shoppe and the ways we can help you make a fireplace part of your home in Columbia City, IN.

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