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How Often Do I Need Fireplace Cleaning?

Fireplaces may no longer be the main way that homes receive heat, but they are wonderful household additions. A good fireplace is a source of cheer and a gathering place for friends and family. And on a cold winter night, the extra fireplace heat sure doesn’t hurt!

Your fireplace requires special care, much the same way that your central heating system does. Part of this is regular fireplace cleaning. We don’t mean something like regularly shoveling out ash (if you have a wood-burning fireplace). We mean a full cleaning from fireplace specialists. You’ll find the experts for the job at our Fireplace Shoppe, along with any other fireplace supplies you might need.

How often you need to schedule this service

The frequency of fireplace cleaning depends on a number of factors. According to the National Fire Protection Association, chimneys, fireplaces, and vents need inspection at least once a year to see that they’re in sound shape, don’t have deposits, and have the correct clearance for ventilation. Even if you don’t use your fireplace often, there is always the chance that something is obstructing the chimney, such as animal nests or debris blown in from the wind.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends fireplace cleaning when 1/8” of soot builds up. If you notice that there is a glaze appearing along the flue, then it doesn’t matter the level of soot—arrange for cleaning right away. This glaze indicates creosote, which is unburned wood energy. It’s highly flammable and can create chimney fires that allow flames to reach combustible building material on upper floors or the roof.

We strongly recommend that you have an inspection and cleaning done if you haven’t used your fireplace for a long stretch. It’s best to do this in fall, but winter is also a good time—anything that will help keep your home safer!

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