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A Closer Look at Potential Boiler Problems

boiler-residentialThe majority of homes in the U.S. have a furnace to provide warmth to their families during the winter. However, boiler systems remain common, and many homeowners prefer them because they offer even heating, long service lives, and increased energy efficiency.

If you have a boiler to help your home make it through the coming winter, make sure that you have it maintained during the fall so it will give you few, if any, troubles during cold weather. Our HomeSavers Club will see that you receive top quality service for your boiler each year. (And we’ll take care of your air conditioning in spring as well.)

No amount of maintenance will prevent all boiler issues, however. We’re going to look at what might go wrong with a boiler to help you better understand when you need to call on technicians for repairs.

Trouble with the circulator pump

One of the reasons boilers tend to have longer lifespans than furnaces and heat pumps is that they have fewer mechanical moving parts that will wear down. There is a critical moving part to worry about, however, which is the circulator pump. This is the pump that moves the heated water through the piping of the house. The pump can malfunction, which will mean cold radiators, baseboard heaters, and in-floor piping—and no heat in the house.


Any system that uses water has the danger of leaking—and you absolutely do not want your boiler to start leaking! Leaks often points to problems with increased water pressure inside the tank or poor initial boiler installation (such as bad soldering on the connections) that must be corrected. Leaks endanger the entire boiler system and are a quick route toward the development of corrosion.

Gas line trouble

Most boilers, like most furnaces, use natural gas for fuel. It’s a less expensive energy source than electricity and helps the boiler work faster. But as with any natural gas appliance, there’s a risk of a stopped up gas line or even gas line leaks. If you have any reason to be suspicious of problems with the gas line for your boiler, shut off the gas for the house and call for repairs right away.

Failed electrical heating elements

For electric boilers, which are options for homes that don’t have connections to a natural gas main, the heat is sent into the water through a set of heating elements housed within the tank. If one of the heating elements fails, it will result in a drop in heating power. Fixing this requires professionals to drain the tank and replace the failed heating element.

For accurate and safe boiler service in Warsaw, IN, you must call on professional HVAC technicians, regardless of whether you have a natural gas or electric boiler. This is where our team comes in. We have over three decades of experience servicing a wide range of heating systems, including boilers. We have 24-hour emergency service when you have a major boiler issue that needs repairs ASAP.

For over 30 years, a company you’ve grown to trust for service to Northeastern Indiana: Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

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