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Furnace Breakdown Checklist

Let us set up the scene for you. Imagine it’s a chilly spring day as you and your family mind your own business while watching TV or reading your new favorite book—and all of a sudden it starts to get cold. Your heater isn’t turning on and there’s clearly something wrong since your thermostat is usually set at a much warmer temperature than this. Your family looks to you to figure out what’s going on and you’re starting to panic.

We’re not going to sugarcoat things. Furnaces do breakdown and sometimes it can be at the most inconvenient moment. However, the good news is that with a reliable contractor at your side for furnace repair in Wabash, IN, and some nifty tips, you could avoid the worst-case scenario.

Don’t panic, call us, and keep reading if you’re looking for help on your failed furnace.

Troubleshooting a Broken Furnace

The first and most important thing you have to remember is that no troubleshooting solution is going to be better than what a professional HVAC technician can provide. The moment your system starts faltering, you should call our team. We have technicians on hand 24/7 in order to address your issues at your convenience, not ours. By having a professional technician provide service, you’re really getting the best options presented to you as you move forward with a solution. In the meantime, however, try these tips below.

Check Your Electrical System

Your HVAC system, just like your refrigerator and your dishwasher, runs with the help of electricity. Sure, you might have a gas-powered furnace, but it uses an electric thermostat and electric switches to turn on and off appropriately. Without electricity, a heating system can downright shut off and lead to a mysteriously cold house. Check and make sure you haven’t blown a fuse or that your home’s power is on in general before you start jumping to conclusions about the condition of your heater.

Look at Your Thermostat

Thermostats are the brains of your HVAC system. Without a functioning thermostat, how is your AC or heater supposed to know that it’s not at the right temperature? If your heat has miraculously turned off, it’s a good idea to check the thermostat and see if it’s functioning correctly. If not, then the good news is that repairing or replacing your thermostat might be the ticket to quality heating, which is a much more affordable solution.

Change the Air Filter

Sometimes heaters that have been neglected will have trouble running. In the case of the air filter, if you haven’t changed it in months or even years, you’re likely stifling your heater. A heater with a clogged air filter will have trouble cycling fresh air and will eventually overheat, causing a shutdown. If you change your air filter and the system begins to work again, that could have been the culprit.

Call a Professional

Don’t forget to call us. We’ve got the experience, training, and equipment to get directly to the bottom of your heater issue.

Call Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning to have your heater repaired or replaced. Collier’s—a company you’ve grown to trust.

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