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Is Your Furnace Making These Noises?

Furnace repair isn’t a word that homeowners want to hear, especially not when cold temperatures are still hovering at freezing. Though, what many homeowners don’t like to think about is the fact that furnace repair in Plymouth, IN is the end of a long chain of issues that could already be plaguing your home. You might be dealing with the effects of a furnace problem and a repair could make your life much better!

Take noises, for instance. While a homeowner might be dreading their furnace making noises, the outcome of said noises might be worse than the repair cost.

That’s why today we’re going to go over some common furnace noises, what they could represent, and why furnace repair could make your life a whole lot easier when scheduled appropriately. Remember, the longer you wait to address one of these issues, the worse the problem could be!

Watch Out for These Noises

We’re not saying that you need to put your ear to the floor and hold your breath every night. All we’re asking is to stay vigilant in case one of these practically obvious noises has become a normal part of your daily life. As we’d like to stress—none of these noises are normal and should not be treated as such.

  • Booming. If your furnace sounds like there’s a miniature explosion occurring inside of the system, that’s because there is! The sound of booming could signal that your burner is dirty or blocked, allowing gas to pool up inside your furnace until it all ignites at once in a small explosion. Contact a professional today to have the burner cleaned, otherwise this could damage the structure of your furnace over time.
  • Scraping or Grinding. Does this sound like metal against metal, like when the bottom of your car might scrape against something on the road? This could be a huge signal that there’s a problem with your blower wheel. If you’ve got an issue with a blower wheel, it needs to be addressed immediately. The longer your blower fan rattles around, the more damage it will do to other components of your system.
  • Rattling. A rattling noise is never good, whether it’s coming from your car or your furnace. That means some small piece has gotten loose, either a screw or a panel, and it could be moving around causing damage inside your system. It could even be worse, signaling a cracked heat exchanger, which is an incredibly dangerous problem as it could result in the leak of carbon monoxide or flammable gas. Contact a professional immediately.
  • Squealing or Screeching. High pitched noises are usually caused by a damaged belt that’s starting to be worn down. Rubber belts in your HVAC system are necessary for the function of the blower motor, and when they start to fall apart or get loose, they can make a high pitched noise that’s similar to the screeching of rubber tires. This can result in future problems, so it’s always better to get it nipped in the bud now.

Don’t consider these problems normal. Contact Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning to have your noisy furnace fixed. Collier’s—a company you’ve grown to trust.

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