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Is Something Loose in Your Gas Furnace?

We’re reaching the last few chilly nights of the year and some homeowners are running into some seriously lucrative furnace problems. The fall and beginning of winter always start with homeowners who are extra careful about the safety and efficiency of their gas furnace in Rochester, IN, only for spring to roll around and everyone to stop caring. While we understand why, temperatures are warming up and we’re finally able to go outside and have fun, this mindset can be bad for your budget and your health.

Take a moment and listen to your furnace. You can probably hear the whooshing of air coming from the vents, but is there something else? Is your home bombarded by the sound of something rattling around inside your gas furnace? If this is the case, then we’d like you to pick up the phone and call us. We’ll talk about why this can be a serious issue if left unattended.

The Rattling Noise

The first thing you can look for to tell if there’s a component loose in your gas furnace is to listen for a rattling or a clanging. Think of this as like putting a loose screw inside a wooden box and shaking it. You can imagine that you’d hear some kind of rattling noise as the part bangs against other surfaces. This isn’t much different than the inside of your furnace.

If you hear rattling or clanging and suspect it’s a loose part, don’t get complacent. This can often compound into other problems that you really don’t want to deal with.

It Can Cause Something Worse

Think about what happens when you leave a loose part to continue bouncing around your system. Eventually, it could crash into your heat exchanger, causing it to crack and your home to be inundated with natural gas and carbon monoxide. Or, it could bump into the blower motor, leaving your home cold on days where you need your furnace the most. Either way, that rattling noise is going to get worse if you don’t get it addressed.

We can diagnose specifically which part has gotten loose and make sure that it’s either realigned or replaced. This will keep the system working optimally, and ensure that you don’t run into more problems down the line.

What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

Unfortunately, with your furnace system on the line, neglecting a necessary repair can be pretty bad. A worst-case scenario can be either a total furnace breakdown or a cracked heat exchanger which causes natural gas and carbon monoxide to leak out. These are both terrible situations to be stuck in and we highly recommend getting your system repaired before this becomes a reality.

What’s the worst that can happen when you call us for repairs? Well, it could turn out to be a lot less of a problem than you originally feared. Or perhaps it was a big problem but it gets fixed. Either way, you’re always better off calling us for this kind of issue.

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