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Your Fireplace Should Last Longer

Wood fireplaces in Columbia City, IN are wonderful. Not only does the value of your house get driven up tremendously with a wood fireplace, but it increases your comfort and provides an incredible aesthetic that is irreplaceable. We completely understand why homeowners get so defensive about their fireplaces. They’re almost like another member of the family.

It’s always heartbreaking when a fireplace becomes so worn down that it’s nearly unusable by a family. We talk to homeowners all the time who say they wish they could use their fireplace, but they’re just not sure how well it works after years of neglect. Most homeowners don’t neglect their fireplaces on purpose—it just happens.

Today, we’re going to talk about some ways that you could get your fireplace lasting longer. We’ll talk about best practices and how our team can help.

Best Practices for Fireplace Owners

First of all, there are a few things that every owner of a fireplace should do. Before we talk about the services we provide, it’s important that we teach homeowners the value of their fireplace and why certain services exist.

  • Clean your flue. Sometimes fireplaces can be in good condition, but the only problem with them is the years of grime that has built up from smoke and ash. Cleaning the flue every once in a while, preferably every year, is a necessary aspect of being a fireplace owner. Once this is done, it becomes easier to assess how functional a fireplace can be.
  • Assess the condition. This is important because it could affect the whole aesthetic of your fireplace. If it can’t run well, it’ll be a huge hassle and you’ll be pulling your hair out trying to start a fire in the middle of the winter. This is a great opportunity to determine if it needs repairs.
  • Assess the safety. Safety is the number one priority. If your fireplace is in bad shape, it’s also probably unsafe. Don’t try to start any fires in your home unless a professional has given you the green light.
  • Examine the efficiency. A fireplace that is suffering from neglect or long-term problems will likely have holes, cracks, and other areas that are leaking heated air from your home during the winter. This can be awful, because not only will it inhibit the ability for your fireplace to function, but it’s probably also costing you in HVAC costs month-to-month. Call us to schedule repairs.

Solutions at Our Fireplace Shoppe

Come to our Fireplace Shoppe for any fireplace problems you might have. Not only do we offer new systems like wood-burning inserts that can fit into your old or worn-down fireplace, we can also provide any repairs or replacement services you need.

Do you want to insert a beautiful fireplace that’s efficient into your old fireplace? Or perhaps you want to repair all of the problems in your dysfunctional system? Our team has your back. Just give us a call or come visit our Fireplace Shoppe so we can help you through the decision-making.

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