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Reasons to Consider In-Floor Radiant Heating for a Home

in-floor-heating-installationRadiant heating is a general term for heating systems that work by heating up an object in a living space so it sends out heat waves. Boiler systems are the most common type of radiant heating, and they often work through radiators and baseboard heaters.

But an increasingly popular option for radiant heating systems is in-floor radiant heating. The boiler sends heated water through a series of pipes set into a sub-floor, so the floor itself heats up and sends warmth into a room. If you are currently considering choices for heating a new house, we recommend you take a look at some of the benefits of in-floor rating heating in Warsaw, IN.

Terrific Energy Efficiency

Boiler-based radiant systems are more efficient than forced-air heating systems (such as furnaces) because water is a better transfer medium of heat than air is. In-floor heating systems are even more efficient than other types of radiant systems because the distribution of heat from the floor spreads the heat faster and more evenly, with very few cold spots that radiators or baseboard heaters may leave. The boiler doesn’t need to run as much to provide the comfort a home needs. On average, in-floor radiant heating can save a home 15% on energy bills over the winter.

Heat That Feels Better

Furnaces and even some radiator-based boiler systems can end up making a home feel stuffy by overheating. In-floor heating systems are far more precise and rarely overheat rooms. The house enjoys the exact right heating—a toasty warmth that’s like being warmed by the sun. And there’s nothing better on a cold morning than to swing your feet out of bed and touch down on a warm floor!

Low Maintenance and Few Repairs

In-floor heating systems don’t need much maintenance, just an annual check-up, and you can expect the system to last far longer than other types of boiler and furnace systems. With very few moving parts, in-floor heating rarely encounters repair troubles, and there are no pesky ducts to worry about!

More Space, More Design Freedom

In-floor heating is usually part of the construction of a home. (It’s usually not a good option for a retrofit unless the house is undergoing extensive remodeling.) Because there are no ducts and no radiators taking up space, this allows for a home with more room and a lot more freedom to design the house the way you want. And in-floor heating works for all different types of flooring: carpet, tile, wood, vinyl, you name it! It’s an adaptable way to deliver comfort.


A concern people have with radiators is that they can cause burns. This is especially concerning in homes with small children who may fall against the radiator or put their hands on it. In-floor heating has the hot heating elements safely removed so nobody can be accidentally hurt.

Improved Air Quality

One of the annoyances of forced-air systems is that they circulate dust around a house when their blowers come on. In-floor heating doesn’t push around any dust and keeps it out of the air. This type of heating is highly beneficial in homes where there are people with allergies or asthma.

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