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The Science Behind Solar Energy Systems

It’s no surprise that we push solar energy where we can. It’s renewable, sustainable, and powerful when harnessed with the right technology. It’s a unique niche that not every contractor in our area can provide, and we love doing it wherever we can. If we can help give you solar installation in Wabash, IN then we’re always on board to help.

But that’s probably not enough to convince the average homeowner that they could use solar energy installation services. That’s what this blog is for!

We’re going to go into detail about the cost-savings of solar energy systems, how they can provide increases in efficiency, and the science behind how they work. Once you’re well-acquainted with these types of energy systems, you’ll probably be more knowledgeable about when a solar energy system is right for you and when it’s not.  An informed customer is always better than an uninformed one!

How Do Solar Energy Systems Work?

The sun produces a lot of energy, most of which we don’t have the ability to harness for our day to day needs. Think about some of the largest plants we know, from trees to entire gardens: they grow on just sunlight, soil, and water! That’s because the light produced by the sun has heat and energy, two things that can be powerful with the right technology to harness them.

Our solar panels do just that. We can hook them up in a location that receives a lot of sunlight, and the absorption allows your home’s electrical system to be charged when it’s not in use. Since the sun is a constant source of energy (except for overcast or rainy days), it’s pretty easy to assume that you’ll have plenty of it on a daily basis, so you never have to worry about too much fluctuation with your energy source. Basically, with a solar energy system, you’re harnessing the power of the sun for years at the cost of installation and upkeep.

The Benefits

Let’s talk turkey. You’re not here just to hear us blather on about the amazing science behind a solar energy system. What’s the point, if there’s no benefit to homeowners who take advantage of this technology? Well, luckily we had that in mind when we started writing this blog! Here are some great advantages to remember when considering a solar energy system installation.

  • Cost-effective. When it comes to cost per unit of energy, solar energy is some of the most cost-effective energy on the planet. The sun’s energy is constant, powerful, and practically free once you have the technology set up. Seriously, you won’t find easier energy to take advantage of.
  • Renewable. When we say renewable, we mean energy that won’t run out. As long as you’re not still using the sun’s energy in a few billion years, you’ll never be in short supply.
  • Long lasting. Sure, the sun is long-lasting—but is solar technology? Absolutely! Solar panels are durable and built with upkeep in mind so you can call us to have them maintained and repaired whenever you need it.

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas that’s like our own personal generator. When you sign up with our team, you get access to our technology and methods to harness that generator for your everyday life.

Sound like a good idea? Call the team at Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning for your own solar energy system. Collier’s—a company you’ve grown to trust.

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