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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Window AC

Window air conditioners are there for us in some pretty big life moments. They’re usually one of the largest purchases someone might make when moving into their first apartment. And, it’s soon discovered that they’re some of the heaviest small appliances you can put your arms around.

Your window AC has probably been through a lot, and if you’ve reached this blog, it might be time to retire it.

Don’t get us wrong, these systems definitely have a place in our society. But as things get more energy efficient and we start working hard to get more cooling for less, it becomes easy to see how quickly these systems become wasteful. After all, they’re just not designed to cool more than a room or two, and people naturally grow inside their living spaces.

So, let’s discuss some of the major advantages of a central air installation in Plymouth, IN. We’ll highlight some reasons why this AC can be a great first system for a homeowner that’s ready to cool their entire home.

Window ACs Aren’t Very Good

Let’s face it: has anyone ever been completely satisfied with a window AC unit? They work alright for a single room, but nobody exists in one room (except if they’re in the hospital or in a prison).

The truth is that they’re mainly used for sleeping during really hot nights and for people with multi-use rooms like small apartments in cities. Otherwise, they’re especially inconvenient.

Efficiency Levels

One of the major ways a window AC isn’t very good is because of its efficiency. These systems might have a SEER rating of 14 or 15, but they rarely go much higher than that. The window that they’re set up in is one of the least insulated places of your home. This means that heat will continue to work its way into your home and the cool air will escape through the slightly ajar window that the unit is sitting in.

A central can run without needing to be placed in an open window, which means you get better insulation and your home stays cooler for longer.

Convenient Comfort

We probably don’t need to explain why having your whole entire house cooled is a lot better than only having one room cooled, right? And for many people, the cost differential isn’t very large.


A central air conditioner is designed to last 10-15 years. This is an excellent amount of time for such a sturdy investment. Window AC unit, depending on the brand and the type, can last from a couple of years to a decade. But they undergo a significant amount of wear and tear by being moved back and forth every year.

Other Options

Some homeowners want the convenience and the power of a central air conditioner, but they also need to purchase a heater at the same time. Instead of deciding to buy one of those, how about purchasing a heat pump instead?

These systems function like central AC units except for a key difference. They can move heat inside of your home during the winter, essentially functioning as an all-electric heating system. They’re perfect for springtime and fall temperatures, and some even come in winter-resistant models that can handle even the most frigid winter day.

The main point is that there are other options out there. You don’t need to make a tough decision tougher. Work with a team of experts to choose the right AC or heating system for your home.

If you’re interested in a new central AC, contact Collier’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Colliers—A company you’ve grown to trust. 

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