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Fixing Your Ducts Goes a Long Way

Your air ducts need to be addressed in order for you to get long-term home comfort. They’re a vital part of a centralized, forced-air heating or cooling system, and they’re going to be better off in professional hands.

We hear stories all the time of homeowners trying to clean or fix their ducts on their own, but that ends up leading to damage and hours of wasted time or money spent on equipment that just doesn’t work. Avoid this kind of worst-case scenario by calling a licensed professional to have your air ducts fixed.

How do you know if your air ducts need fixing? Well, that’s what we’re here for!

We’ll cover all of the signs that you might have ducts in disrepair, and we’ll talk about why duct repair in Columbia City, IN goes a long way towards improving your home comfort.

Drafts Throughout Your Home

The first and most obvious sign of a problem with air ducts is if your home feels especially drafty. Drafts are usually caused by uninsulated places leaking cooled or heated air from your ducts, or an unsealed section of ductwork leaking.

A drafty home might not sound like a particularly bad problem until guests in your home are moving to specific rooms to get away from the cold or hot temperatures. This problem can lurk in the background and subconsciously affect you, even if you think you can handle it.

Hot and Cold Spots

When drafts get bad, they can lead to hot or cold spots. This means you get permanent uncomfortable zones in your home. You might have one bedroom that always feels too cold in the winter, or a section of your living room that just feels hot during the summer, no matter what you set your thermostat to.

This could be due to ductwork that’s malfunctioning, and you might need professional repairs done to remedy it.

Poor Temperature Control

Are you constantly adjusting the thermostat in your home? This might sound like a problem with your heating or cooling system, but it could be due to leaking air in your ducts. If the air can’t reach the rooms of your home where you spend most of your time, how is your AC supposed to keep things cool? This can be one of the clearest signs that your ductwork is in disrepair.

High Energy Bills

Lastly, check your monthly energy bills during the summer and see if your AC is working extra hard to cool your home. If things seem to be extremely expensive, then that could be a sign that your air ducts are in rough shape.

Duct Repairs Can Fix These

Are you frustrated with just how many problems arise from bad ducts? You’re not the only one. But duct repairs can fix these issues and make your home feel better. Duct professionals and licensed HVAC technicians have specific equipment, training, and experience working with these kinds of systems to make sure they’re airtight and running with peak efficiency.

If any of the above problems sound familiar, don’t hesitate to call our team and schedule an appointment to get started. We can help you!

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