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What Does a Working AC Act Like?

Sure, we could be just like every other HVAC company on the internet and start talking about the signs of a failing air conditioner–but we’ve been there, done that. We’d like to approach this kind of situation from another angle, giving customers a better idea of what a good AC system looks like.

That’s right, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think about a hot day and an air conditioner that’s working perfectly to keep your home comfortable. You adjust the thermostat and within minutes the system cools your home to perfection. It doesn’t screech, it doesn’t grind, and you know that when you get the energy bill at the end of the month, it’ll be as low as possible.

Doesn’t this sound great? As we get into more detail about a working AC and what that looks like, make sure you invest in air conditioning repair in Plymouth, IN so you could have a perfectly working system just like the one mentioned here.

It Works Quietly in the Background

An air conditioner doesn’t work completely silently, just like your car can’t really run without making a noise. Granted, grinding or shrieking sounds are definitely a sign you have a problem, there are some normal sounds that an air conditioner should make.

For instance, you should hear the gentle whoosh of air coming from the vents in your house. These vents are where air conditioning comes from, and if they’re quiet to the point of no air coming from them, then there’s a problem.

Also, your AC unit’s compressor should be making a sound since it’s using electricity to evaporate and condense refrigerant. This is a difficult process that requires a lot of machinery, so it might make a whirring sound while it operates.

It Easily Handles the Cooling Load of Your Home

When you open the door to your house and enter, you should immediately feel the cool relief of your temperature control system. It should be like night and day, and your system should easily handle cooling all of the rooms of your house.

If it doesn’t, then you’ve probably got a problem.

It’s Convenient and Modern

How hard is it to change the settings on your thermostat, or to turn your AC on?

A system that’s in good shape should be easy to activate, control, and use. We’re talking the ability to use your smartphone to control your thermostat (yes, this is a possibility with smart or Wi-Fi connected thermostats), or even just crank the number up a few degrees and feel the system kick on almost immediately.

A great air conditioner should be responsive and easy to use.

It Doesn’t Run Up the Bill

Don’t forget about your energy bill! No air conditioner is going to use zero kiloWatts, but it shouldn’t be breaking the bank every month. AC units need to run efficiently, which means your energy bills at the end of the month should even out to a nominal amount that you can adequately afford.

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